The Pull

The Pull

In everything that you do or pursue, make sure there’s the Pull. If you have to push yourself to do something, perhaps it’s not cut out for you.

Always find the fun and the significance in what you do. Find your fellow like-minded friends in your journey. lways be pro-active to offer your friendship and helping hand. Nice things will follow.

In my careers as a management consultant and as a rock photographer, I did not, for a moment, had to push myself. I gave my 110%, armed always with a smile and a grateful heart, to be able to do what I do. I always felt the wind beneath me. Doors were always open for me to shoot my signature rock shots.

Always see the big picture. What is your contribution to what you do? Always put in more than what you’re paid. Before long, you’ll be paid much more than what you actually contribute.

Over the decades, I’ve shot, what Morrison Hotel Gallery says, “like a madman.”. I’ve built up a formidable rock portfolio. These days, it’s not what I shoot, it’s what I can do with what I’ve shot.

Nice to see my beloved images are being featured in famous band’s albums, autobiographies/memoirs, magazines, articles, bands’ official websites, social media postings etc. Quality not quantity. Less is more.

I’m particularly stoked to have my image of Chris Stein (Blondie) featured in his long-awaited memoir, out this June 2024.

Chris Stein once emailed me to say Tommy Kessler (Blondie’s guitarist) will be in Singapore and whether I could show him around. Of course I would.

1) “Rock Of Ages” Band – Soundcheck (above image)

The “Rock Of Ages” Band comprises of band members from famous bands including Blondie, Soul Asylum and Def Leppard etc. I had tremendous fun showing them around and munching local foods at Newton Circus hawker centre. Tommy Kessler’s the third guy from the right.

2) The “Rock Of Ages” Band – Concert Performance (above image)

Needless to say I had a splendid time hanging out with these talented and fun bunch of friends.

Whenever someone leaves an organisation, there’s the question – “Was he/she pulled or pushed?” Pulled as in being headhunted or found another job. Pushed as in fired.

It’s always better to be pulled, isn’t it?

I bless you with my favourite first two lines of a popular Irish saying –

May the Road rise up to meet you!

May the Wind be always at your back!