I start off my Drummers tribute blog with this telling (above) image of the band Extreme during their soundcheck - the drummer is truly the engine of the band. Here,…

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Exit Strategy

Easy to start, harder to finish. Exit Strategy is about Finishing Well, it's not about the finishing line. Or perhaps, it's about when to call it Quits in a dignified…

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My Favourite Songs

Good songs serve as time machines. They teleport us back to a favourite place - in our hearts. It's even more special when we have some personal attachment to the…

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Jim Marshall

The Real Deal This is the Big One, folks! The rock photographer's rock photographer! Mr. Jim Marshall! Let me share some fun Jim Marshall stories with you. I'm honoured he…

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Baron Wolman

I wish to tip my hat to Baron Wolman. As a young lad, I read Rolling Stones ardently. To me, the images on the printed pages were more amazing than…

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