May Pang

I want to tip my hat to my dear friend, May Pang! It's time for her legacy to be told. Every single time I'm in New York City we've always…

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Show Up With A Smile

That's Why I Do What I Do I've been focusing my lens on rock stars and rock bands for over 40 years. Every single show brings anticipatory exhilaration. Still does.…

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Slow Hands & Sticky Fingers

My Tribute To the Guitar Gun-Slingers In 2017, I was interviewed on my amazing rock photographic journey with iconic Guitarists. I once had the extreme privilege of having Roger…

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In 2002, I "retyred" from the corporate highway, took the off-ramp into the byways in pursuit of My One Thing. Retire, as a verb, sounds ... tired. I prefer to…

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The Stars who put the Sing in Singapore! I live in a musical island. It's first four letters is Sing. Ironically my family name is Sung, but singing is definitely…

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Female Rockers

I would like to honour the Female Rock Icons with whom I had the extreme pleasure to have photographed in my rock photography journey. I was interviewed on this delightful…

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