Debbie Gibson

Debbie Gibson

Last night (28 April 2024), I shot my most intimate, welcoming and immersive sold-out concertDebbie Gibson’s 35th Anniversary Concert of her iconic album “Electric Youth”.

I’m happy to share that Debbie still maintains her youth, boundless and powerful voice.

Debbie Gibson is the eternal Electrified Youth!

It all started with a 1.53am text from my US guitarist extraordinaire friend asking whether I want to go and shoot the concert. Thanks, Steve Brown. He’s the producer of ex-Kiss Ace Frehley’s latest kick-ass album “10,000 Volts“. Do check it out.

Before Taylor Swift and Lady Gaga, there was Debbie Gibson.

It was so surreal to see Debbie perform her catchy, hook-supreme hit songs, “Lost In Your Eyes”, “Only In My Dreams”, “Electric Youth”, “Shake Your Love”, “No More Rhyme”, “Foolish Beat” and many more, – a few feet away from her!

Debbie is so grounded, boundless, happy, and such a delightful, positive force in the music industry.

Here are some intimate, poignant, carte blanche “Access All Areas” shots that I took during the sold-out concert. Enjoy!

A Debbie Gibson pre-show visual gift for my lens (above image).

Another Debbie Gibson pre-show visual gift for my lens (above image).

I like this Debbie Gibson spontaneous pose (above image).

Playful Electric Youths (above image).

Star-studded microphone for a Superstar, ready to deliver her A-game for her fans (above image).

A pre-show fun portrait with Debbie and her Merrymakers just moments before hitting the stage to entertain her devoted Debhead fans (above image).

A fun array of Debbie’s stage costumes (above image).

On Top Of The World! (above image). I love this image.

Stoic and Focussed. Her Stars (spotlights) are aligned and shining bright!

Kosmic Kudos to Debbie’s Longevity and always staying Fresh and Relevant!

Debbie is Numero Uno! (above image).

After every costume change, a certain playful Electric Youth (above image) will hem it up for my lens before she steps – barefoot – onto the stage. That’s her original blue Electric Youth jacket!

Thanks so much for all your visual gifts to my lens, Debbie.

You’re one of the good genuine people of this world! I’m lucky and honoured to have experienced and seen it first hand.

A single light beam shines its blessed light on a happy and thankful Ms. Gibson (above image).

A poignant, reflective stage moment (above image).

A single light beam shines on the Electric Youth (above image). Guess what song she’s singing?

A more reflective moment in the concert (above image).

A poignant pix of a contemplative Debbie (above image). I call this image “Wish Upon Many Stars”.

“How’s the weather down there, Debbie?” (above image).

I love being entrusted to shoot the Bowing shot (above image). So great to feel the audience’s deep appreciationloud shouts and claps.

You can tell Debbie and her talented Merrymakers gave their 120% music magic to their fans (above image). What a fabulous performance!

Saving the best for last! The incompatible Debbie Gibson! (above image).

An impromptu portrait just before Debbie goes for her meet & greet session with her die-hard Debhead fans (above image).

She joked, praised, posed for photos and signed every single item they brought for her to sign.

The man without whom I would be spending my Sunday night at home – Messr. Danny Stanton (above image). Debbie Gibson’s omnipresent, on-the-ball and nimble-booted tour manager.

A dear friend captured me on stage Debbie who was in the Circles section entertaining her fans (above image). Thanks, Janette!


So awesome of Debbie to include two images of mine and my website on her Facebook entry on her Singapore concert (above image).

Please come back to sunny Singapore soon, Debbie! Your fans need you!