My Glass Is 3/4 Full

My Glass Is 3/4 Full

Why Is The Glass Always Only Half Full Or Empty?

This is a Blog on one’s Outlook and Attitude towards Life.

It’s NOT a blog on beverage consumption despite the various beverage images. I just don’t happen to have boring ready-to-use images of hot chocolate or Earl Grey tea.

I did enjoy this inviting ice jelly coffee recently though (below image).

Why is the Glass (life opportunities, brain capacity etc. etc.) always limited to Half (full or empty)?

I always tell my friends that my Glass is 3/4 Full. I’m enjoying my life fully, going beyond my society-suggested Half measure.

“I don’t do things in half measures” is another favourite saying of mine.

I always make sure to leave the Glass a quarter empty for me to learn and add new insights and happy experiences (memories) into the Glass of Life.

We are always reminded not to eat till your stomachs are bloated (90% full), 75% full should be the optimum capacity. 80% if the dinner company is extra fun.

Me and my rock photographer guru, Jim Marshall (above image), enjoying some cold ones before enjoying our scrumptious steak later in a New York City fine-dine restaurant. I’ve learnt much from my late guru.

I will also allow some of the contents (knowledge, advise, adage, help) to be shared with deserving recipients (friends).

A Full (Fool) Glass is not advisable, nothing refreshing can enter into the Glass. The stuck contents become stale and pungent.

I draw your attention to the poisonous, salty and stagnant Dead Sea at this point.

I tend to avoid Mr Full Glass a.k.a. Mr. Know-It-All. They think they know everything, having long lost the fine-art of receptive and inclusive learning.

The Wise Ones know they still take delight in learning about more exciting experiences in Life every day. Listen twice more than speak.

Then there are one who wonders Who Stole His/Her Glass? They are the little read or ill-read who relies on their friends’ “hot tips”. The juicy news is probably lukewarm by the time the hot tip reaches the Victim Glass Owner.

I always warn my friends NOT to invest in things you can’t see or don’t understand including hyper-inflation tulips, cryptos or “keeping up with the Jones luxury money drain” items. I’m always greatly thankful to be invited for fun parties. The Yamazaki Sherry Cask Singe Malt Whisky tasting event was super awesome. My (whatever’s remaining) mental focus was to taste the different Yamazaki vintages. Well, someone has to do it (above image). Thank you, Mr. & Mrs. Ong for the invite!

*** Please forgive me if I plaster this Blog with some “spirited beverages”. I’m NOT an Alcoholic. I’ve put an affirmative lid on my beverage consumption, see above image. Wink, wink.

I usually drink (maximum) in a Year – a bottle of wine (red), 12 bottles of beer (mostly Belgian and Japanese), a bottle of single malt whisky. That’s all, folks! ***

I only drink when the company is intellectually stimulating and gutturally fun. Never alone. Me and the Hard Rock Cafe Beer BuddiesMark and Jeremy. My usual delicious HRC New York Steak will soon arrive. (above image).

Full Glasses (ice-cold beverages) are best enjoyed in the presence of fun friends and familyand delicious cuisines

May your technicolour Glass always be filled with tentalising tastes, funky life experiences and kind memories! Remember to tip the waiter/waitress!