I die a Happy Man, a Blessed Music Lover and one Lucky Rock Photographer.

I regard the legendary Band as my Buddies – having had my image of them featured in their album, being invited to photograph their recording sessions for two of the best-selling albums, having stayed in their home, having two band members visit my home, shooting their concerts (soundcheck and show), both in New York and Singapore.

Their iconic hit songs – Heart Of Glass, Call Me, Rapture, The Tide Is High, Sunday Girl, One Way Or Another, Hanging On The Telephone, Dreaming, Atomic and Maria etc – constantly reign the radio air waves internationally.

As can be seen from my used US license plates (above image), Blondie is one of the four of my favourite B bands. The fourth being the Beatles. Happy to have hung out, photographed and have my band images featured in two of the legendary bands’ official albumsBlondie and Beach Boys.

Me with band during the recording session of their best-selling Pollinator album, at The Magic Shop studio in New York City (above image).

Me with band during the recording session of their best-selling Panic Of Girls album (above image), in the Applehead Studio in Woodstock, upstate New York.

I’m proud of this ironic wilderness image I shot of the New York punk band in rustic hippie Woodstock. So was the band. It is featured in the double spread of the vinyl record and CD of their Panic Of Girls album.

It is also the cover of my fourth rock photography book“ACCESS: Into The Wilderness Of Rock & Roll” (above image).

On the last day of their concert visit to Singapore, Chris Stein told me to go back to their hotel the next day. They had a surprise gift for me at the hotel reception. I see their kind signed gift every time I go up my home stairs (above image).

Debbie Harry adorns my rock photography galleryMonochrome and His Coloured Cousinsjacket (above image).

Bumped into Debbie Harry at an invite-only party in New York City (above image).

Chris Stein attended my solo rock photography exhibition in New York City’s legendary Morrison Hotel Gallery (above image).

Debbie Harry at the wheel. Just two of us. (above image).

Blondie’s music architect, composer, photographer and guitarist, Chris Stein, at my home’s Meditation Chamber (above image). The co-writer of the iconic “Heart Of Glass” radio evergreen at my home. How cool is that?

Blondie’s lead guitarist, Tommy Kessler, at my home’s Meditation Chamber (above image).

A rare opportunity for my portrait to be taken by a legendary rock star – Chris Stein (above image). My rock photography arsenal is simple – camera, bag and mineral water bottles (courtesy of the band). Haha.

Thanks So Much For Allowing Me and my Camera into your Inner Sanctum!

Rock On, Guys!