More Debbie Gibson

More Debbie Gibson

This is the first time I am doing an Overspill on my Blog.

Thanks for all your Nice Feedback, Readers!

Here’s More Debbie Gibson concert images for your enjoyment!

Like I told Debbie, it’s hard to take a bad image of her.

Check out my first Debbie Gibson blog for my Debbie praises.

For this Blog, I’ll simply leave my Remarks on the respective Images.

The images will say what I want them to say.

Enjoy this Bonus Debbie Gibson Blog, it’s dedicated to all Debheads around the world!

Let’s start with the Photographer’s favourite image.

The Two Debbies – Now & Then (above image).

The Then (Teenage) Debbie looking proudly at the Now (Accomplished and Wiser) Debbie.

I love this poignant image. Always awesome to get a hearty smile from Debbie, looking into my lens.

A Happy Pianist (above image).

Honky Tonk Piano (above image).

Debbie and Adam Tese (above image).

Happy Happy! (above image).

A) “Hi There!” (above image).

Debbie’s an all-inclusive performer – she went around to her fans on the floor and on the upstairs Circles section.

She obviously didn’t forget the guy with the camera, on the right stage of the stage.

B) “Hi There!” (above image).

A Golden Moment – Blonde Debbie, Orange Drink and Orange Original EY banner (above image).

I see poignant little details.

Happy, Accomplished and Triumphant! (above image).

Cosmic Disco Dance Floor (above image).

Lost In Your Eyes (above image).

A friend caught me on stage, on the elevated Drum Riser for a better view, shooting the band’s Bowing image (above image). Thanks, Janette (again)!

Debbie gave me a name-check to the audience while I was on stage shooting the Bowing shots. Thanks, Debbie!

Anecdote: I stood on the drum riser which only had six inches of standing room, part of my concentration was trying not to fall while taking the shots.

Reaching For The Stars (above image).

A panoramic view of the stage – performer, band and audience. An entertaining night of music magic!

The Electric Lady-land In Blue (above image). A subtle Jimi Hendrix reference, dig it?

A Contemplative Mood (above image).

Rhapsody In Blue (above image).

Debbie Brings Her A-Game (above image).

Rise Above The Rest (above image).

Remember, before Taylor Swift and Lady Gaga, there was DEBBIE GIBSON.

Honoured to have photographed all THREE Legends!

Simply Electric! (above image).

Debbie’s sermon to her attentive Debheads (above image).

Electric Youth Communion (above image).

Hope you enjoyed my bonus Debbie Gibson images. This is especially for the DEBHEADS out there! You guys rock!