Frank Kozik

Frank Kozik

Frank Kozik is the Keith Richards of Urban Toys.

As you know by now, my websight and blogs are about photography and rock and roll.

This is my first blog tribute to a peerless Toy Designer.

Frank Kozik was a Giant in the Urban Toy Landscape.

It was a huge shock that we learnt from his wife Sharon that he passed on unexpectedly five days ago on Saturday, 6 May 2023, at 61 years young. Gone much too soon.

I consider it a high honour to have Kozik to be my friend and hanging out at my gallery. Thanks to Jeffrey Koh of Flabslab for introducing me to Kozik.

When Kozik walked into my gallery, he was surprised and proud to see that my long display tables in a row, have a majority of his awesome toy figurines.

I urge you to Google Frank Kozik to see the enormity of this Genius Legend’s body of works – his mind-blowing rock band posters, his sought-after toy figures, his awesome skate decks and his amazing sculptures.

Anecdote 1: When Frank visited my gallery for the first time with two other toy designers. I felt bad because almost 90% of my toy figures were designed by Kozik (above image) and none by the other designers.

Anecdote 2 – I handed Kozik a Sharpie and asked him to sign his Kozik toys which didn’t have his signatures on them (image below). He kindly spent the next 10 minutes doing so. I’m forever grateful to the kind legend.

The above image is taken from a magazine article on my Pop Art collection. You can see some of Kozik’s skatedeck designs around me.

The bottom row of skate decks, adorning my home stair case, are designed by Kozik (above image). A majority of his other skate decks are stored in my storage facility. He signed all of them.

Sometimes I switch the skate decks around for fresh themes (above image). Check out the details of the Kozik Ho Chi Minh deck and Kozik’s signed message (image below). We’re both big fans of Coppola’s “Apocalypse Now” movie.

The Toy Legend likes to hang out at my Gallery (above image). He dropped by three days (or was it four days?) in a row. Always honoured to welcome you, Guru!

Anecdote 3 – I’ll fondly remember our cheeky chat of how he has the Hots for Joni Mitchell.

Me and Kozik enjoying Singapore Slings at the Long Bar, Raffles Hotel (above image).

The famous Singapore Sling originated at the iconic Long Bar.

Shooting the breeze, at setting-up stage, a day before the Singapore Toy Convention starts (above image). The Kalm before the Storm.

Kozik was an adventurous devourer of spicy local cuisines at the hawker centres (above image). He also drank a lot. Haha.

SightedKozik in the wild – checking out an antique store, in Chinatown (above image).

As you can see, I’m a big fan of his amazing Anarchy toy figurine series (above image). Over the years, I collected his entire collection.

The Bird Is The Word blister pack series (above image).

More funky Kozik Krazies, The rare Bronze Mecha Banana is #8/50 edition and there’s also that rare “German Guy” figurine (image below).

The orange Mickey Mao figure is a personal gift from Kozik to me. It’s proudly displayed in my living room cabinet, right next to Galactus.

Kozik places his arm firmly over my “Sonic Solitude” book to prevent it being stolen (above image). Not.

Awesome Kozik ring!

The Living Legend shows his ever-present fascination (for Life as well), as he was driven around in my car, checking out the local sights and sounds (above image).

Farewell, my Kreative Komrade!

I’m honoured to have met and hung out with the Creator of my countless Kozik toy figures and skate decks.

Every time I see them around my home, I’ll think of our fun times together!

I’ll be sure to send your fondest wishes to Joni Mitchell when I meet her!