Alma Mater

Alma Mater

8 February and March 2, 2023 were special dates in my Life as I met up with the current Principals of my Alma Maters to present them my latest rock photography books – ACCESS. Books were also presented to each school’s respective media/photographic clubs and libraries. To top off the joyous occasions, they kindly bought me delicious lunches!

They requested for me on later agreed dates to give inspirational talks to their staff and students, to which I gratefully accepted the privileged honours.

From above image – Left – Mr. Tham Kine Thong of St. Andrew’s Junior College. Right – Mr. Lee Han Hwa of St. Andrew’s Secondary School.

On a school nostalgic walk-about, I was happy to see a familiar name on a school donors plaque (above image).

I happily chatted with the lady who now manages the school bookstore. I bought some school souvenirs (image below) as fond reminders to a great school homecoming!

My childhood home was in very close walkable proximity to my schools. I spent my Kindergarten, Primary (elementary) and Secondary (high) schools and Junior College (community college) academic journeys at St. Andrew’s. Perhaps one trait I got out of the St. Andrew’s education – Consistency.

One of my teenage side-hustles in s’cool was dabbling in the visual arts. One of my proudest moments was designing a plastic vinyl bag for an established local record shop. Nothing prouder than seeing cool people carrying the record store bags (with my design) around town with their latest vinyl acquisitions.

Alma Mater is “Fostering Mother” in Latin.

Kindergarten is of German origin – “Garden of Children”.

If you can read this, be thankful to your Teachers!