Wonder Wall

Wonder Wall

Today, 24 July 2023, is a mighty proud day for me as a Saint Benefactor who just gifted St. Andrew’s Junior College (SAJC) with a majestic SAS School Crest mosaic wall. One Family Unbroken!

It started with a plain Welcome Wall, subsequently a majestic SAJC School Crest Mosaic Masterpiece emerged (above image).

BEFORE – This is When (2 May 2023) and Where (school entrance blank wall) it all began – a handshake with SAJC Principal Mr. Tham Kine Thong – that I will donate a School Crest Mosaic Masterpiece to the school (above image).

I always preferred doing business the “old school” (academic pun) way where a simple handshake was enough for a trusted transaction. No legal team, no signing of contracts.

AFTER24 July 2023SAJC School Crest Mosaic Wall – Deal is Done and Delivered (above image).

The Circle is Complete!

Like the multi-myriad of mosaic tiles (different shapes and colours) making up the majestic School Crest – the past, present and future Principals, Teachers and Students, over the centuries, help make up the glorious colourful historical tapestry of St. Andrews School (above image). One Family Unbroken!. United We Stand!

There’s an estimate of over 6,000 tiles making up the entire mosaic masterpiece, taking weeks to design and painstakingly assemble at a workshop.

I salute the painstaking details and patience taken to piece together the tiger’s head (above image).

I love that the red Tiger Tongue resembles a red Love-filled Heart (above image)!

The Mosaic Wall enjoys a prominent position in the school entrance – greeting visitors as they enter the main school gate (above image).

The first thing visitors, as they enter the school premise, will see is my “Beacon of Blessed Welcome”. When they leave the school premise, it serves a “Well-wisher of Safe and Pleasant Journeys” (above image).

Assembly work started at the school premise on Saturday, 22 July.

This was photographed on Sunday, 23 July (above image).

One glorious Mosaic Wall coming upwork-in-progress1 (above image).

One glorious Mosaic Wall coming upwork-in-progress2 (above image).

One glorious Mosaic Wall coming upwork-in-progress3 (above image).

The Proud Benefactor of a newly minted SAJC School Crest mosaic wall.

It is my hope that this mosaic wall would be a popular backdrop for the taking of happy, nostalgic group pictures for years to come.

I can proudly say that my Legacy in my beloved Alma Mater is now cast in Stone, I mean, Mosaic!