Water Finds Its Level

Water Finds Its Level

S’Cool’s Out for Summer!– or so the song goes. I always tell people that “Water Always Finds Its Level“. If you are meant for greatness, then if you focus and pay your dues, you’ll find greatness. Not only that, you’ll find like-minded friends and comrades to share the amazing journey. Birds of a feather, flock and soar together.

On 5 April 2023, I was invited by my alma mater to give a talk to St. Andrew’s Junior College’s (SAJC) Photography Club. Putting on my Mentor’s cap, I really enjoyed myself bonding with the Young Leaders of Tomorrow. Many thanks to Tham Kine Thong (principal), Julia Chow-Kwan (teacher-in-charge of Photography Club) and Joshua Low (for assistence) for making my talk a reality.

Besides talking about photography, as always I try to subtly sprinkle some of my tips on life, investments and financial matters.

Amongst my 2-hour mumblings, I imparted 4 useful reminders as the kids make their way through Life- 1) “Those who mind, don’t matter. Those who matter, don’t mind.” – Bernard Baruch. 2) “We don’t see things as they are, we see things as we are.” – Anan Nin. 3) Lions do not bother about the opinions of hyenas.” – ES. 4) We were born with a face not of our choosing but we die with a face that we deserve.” – ES.

The last adage is the reason why I love to shoot Portraits – with my trusty 85mm f1.2 portraiture lens. All blessings and warts will be revealed to my reality-accurate lens. People’s story-filled faces have always fascinated me – the wrinkles are the ravines of past circumstances, the eyes show sights seen and ,more importantly, the lessons learnt, the mouth will determine the direction and terrain (rough or smooth) the journey had taken and will take the owner.


Always great, going back to one’s alma mater. Brings back fond youthful memories as I walk the corridors and observing the self-absorbed students.


When in doubt, head towards the Moral North!

Always great to get asked interesting questions from diligent students (image below).

It’s a good time to show you my collection of Hot Wheels S’Cool and Higher Education bus Monster Trucks (image below). Whilst some of my friends claim to be in their second childhood, I’m still enjoying my first! Everyone grows older but there are some lucky wise ones who have learnt the fine-art of not growing old. Have the right, blessed, self-assured, peace-giving attitude towards Life and others around you. Why not enjoy a taste of Heaven right here on earth, before checking out the Real Thing in due time?

The Tiger plush toy was kindly gifted to me by the Photography Club for my talk. On the back of the Tiger’s green outfit are the words – “One Family Unbroken“. Nice!

I love the Monster Trucks, symbolic of how one should overcome the rigors and challenges Life throws at you. I like the word Retyrement, as in putting on new monster tyres (big and fat) for the exhilarating unpaved road ahead.

On the subject of S’Cool, it’s time to tip my hat to a Rock Star who has done right and done good using in his fame to promote good in others. His biggest hit song is School’s Out. Alice Cooper is his name.

The following are reasons why I look up to Alice Cooper, Vincent Furnier is his given name. First he has the guts to go by the name of a girl. He writes great sing-along anthems. He is king of shock rock. Son of a pastor, he is one of the coolest, clear-minded, business-savvy and witty people ever. Alice is an ardent golfer, his lowest handicap is 5.3!

His closest friends included the all-time great icons – Frank Sinatra, John Lennon, Keith Moon, Bob Hope, Salvador Dali, Colonel Sanders (Kentucky Fried Chicken fame), Bing Cosby etc. Alice has the brains to become Alice while performing only onstage When he leaves the stage, it’s back to being Mr. Furnier, the loyal husband (46 years and counting to the same wife Sheryl), clean-living golfer.

I love his songs – School’s Out, Billion Dollar Babies, Only Women Bleed, No More Mr. Nice Guy. I remember buying his School’s Out album when it first came out in 1972. The cover is a fold-out school desk with a paper panties wrapped around the vinyl! Half a century later, he’s still actively composing and coming out with albums and hit songs. He’s the front man of Hollywood Vampires, a band comprising the likes of Joe Perry and Johnny Depp. Alice’s an overall got-it-together man!

I was fortunate to have photographed Mr. Cooper in 2011.

School may be Out for Summer (as the song goes) BUT one Never Ever Stops Learning!