Vanna White

Vanna White

This is a Tribute Blog to Longevity, Loyalty, Fun Clean Entertainment, the respectable Pat Sajak, the loveable, loyal VANNA WHITE and The Wheel Of Fortune.

The other night, like millions around the world, I watched Pat Sajak’s 41 year-run farewell monologue on Wheels Of Fortune.

I appreciated Pat Sajak’s brilliant summation of the entertaining half-hour show as “a safe place for family fun. No social issues, no politics, nothing embarrassing I hope – JUST A GAME.”

For 8,000 episodes!

There are not many safe places on TV these days. Bad news sells.

Maybe that’s why I listen more to my happy record CD albums.

Years ago, I acquired a well-worn quirky Vanna White US license plate for the fun of it (above image). I often wondered about the long journey the license plate must have travelled on, the road elements it endured, over the years, on those wheels …of fortune. My bad.

Vanna White will hold the wheel fort, while Ryan Seacrest takes over Pat Sajak’s hot spot.

Sometimes being a less stressful Vice President is the wiser choice.

Long may you run, Vanna White!

Happy Retyrement, Pat Sajak!