Use Your Mind

Use Your Mind

Use Your Mind, Not Your Brain.

When you are young and starting out, especially in school, we are told to use our Brains.

But after your (super decent) academic grades are secured, start using your Mind.

But as we inch towards achieving our Life goals and journey, surpassing the half-way mark, our Minds should be near where our Heart is.

To me, the Mind is not just the Intellect but it has outsourced some Wisdom from the Heart.

Instincts, feeling and the ability to see “beyond” people, situations and opportunities will start to emerge. Or at the very least, it should when you reach a certain mature age.

Me in mindful Melbourne, 2023 (above image).

I caution my high-flying friends who are shown many business proposals to secure their investments. If they feel uneasy about the proposer, the proposal, not matter how much the positive payout, is not worth the paper it is printed on. Walk away.

Listen to your instinctive Inner Self.

If the proposer comes late to the meeting, if he/she cannot bring his body on time to the meeting, chances are the million-dollar project that is proposed will not be delivered at the specified time. Take heed the little tell-tale signs.

If the proposer is rude to his subordinates or restaurant wait staff and is super polite to you (potential investor or client), take heed of the little tell-tale signs.

Hope you don’t “mind” if I leave you with the following reminder –

“Those who mind don’t matter, and those who matter don’t mind.”