We all need some encouraging Tractions in our Journeys, whether it’s Life, career, relationships or creative pursuits etc.

To a creative person, traction is a good, vital, encouraging thing. Lennon made fabulous music with McCartney because of the tractions they brought to the composing table.

When you are exploring your creativity and there’s traction, that’s a vital sign. Go for it!

Ask any mountaineer, when he/she feels traction on his/her feet, that’s a good thing. It enables him/her to proceed to the upper elevations. Eventually reaching his/her summit.

When I retyred, I experienced several tractions (encouraging signs) in pursue of my rock photography.

I spell Retyrement with a Y, as in putting on new tyres for the exhilarating road of adventures that lie ahead. That’s traction for you.

When I think traction, these two cool Hot Wheels toys come to mind. The Rock and Roll tour bus and the rugged Camper fitted with monster wheels.

Whatever the road terrain is, bring it on!

I’m reminded of a dicey drive in Vancouver, Canada and the snowfall was heavy. To continue with the journey, we had to put on snow tyre chains, the drive was rough but we moved safely (not slip sliding away to quote Paul Simon’s song). We had traction, we progressed.

In my early journey towards rock photography, I had two vital tractions or signs. I knew this was a journey I had to travel on.

Traction 1 – I was featured in a full-page Canon advertisement. It had appeared (11 December 2005) on the 20th anniversary of my dad’s passing. My dad was a keen supporter of my Art. I was walking along a beach in Australia, when a friend told me he saw the advertisement in Singapore. I could sense Dad winking at me from the heavens.

Traction 2 – When I swept the top three prizes of the Lucie Awards (the Oscars of photography) for Non-Professional category Music in 2006, I knew it was an encouraging sign

Business Times, a local business journal even put my achievement on its front page.

When I met up with Annie Leibovitz in New York City, I got her to sign on my copy of Asian Photography where my achievements were reported. That’s her signature on the page (below image). As a young lad, I admired her images that were exclusively featured in Rolling Stone magazine. Through the years, I had the good fortune to hang out with the most prominent rock photographers in the world.


Never neglect your destiny.

Bonus Traction – This is one of my ultimate rewards for doing what I love to do. Being driven around by Debbie Harry. Just two of us in her few-days-old Mustang muscle car around the town of Woodstock.

Be aware of the tractions that come your way, sometimes it will arrive disguised in non-glamourous attire or condition, sometimes it need some sweat and work done to it. Be always having fun and enjoying your handicraft.

Happy Trails!