The Mating Habits of Wood Ants In The Arctic Tundra

The Mating Habits of Wood Ants In The Arctic Tundra

This is an academic-attuned Blog on Ants, from Musical and Myrmecological perspectives. And the fun I had while pursuing my MBA degree in the US in the mid-80s.

They say the Best Friends one can make in Life is while at School. True!

While pursuing my post-graduate (MBA) studies, I would often get (prematurely) asked by well-meaning cohort friends what my Thesis will be on. I will always answer, “The Mating Habits of Wood Ants In The Arctic Tundra”.

Indeed there are actually Wood Ants in the Arctic Tundra.

Then again I recall being asked, what I was doing at the college library. My reply – “Laundry. What about you?”

Adam Ant Access All Areas concert pass (above image).

While on the subject of Ants, let me tip my hat to a fashion and music icon from my youth – Adam Ant.

Born Stuart Leslie Goddard, Adam Ant and his song “Antmusic” was huge in the early 80’s. Like the frenzied Beatlemania, there was a little Antmania going around.

In the end, there are three kinds of music – good music, bad music and antmusic.

Adam Ant’s favourite fashion attire was pirate-like (decades before Johnny Depp) with a Jimi-Hendrix inspired Hussar military jacket.

Adam and the Ants, as with the Sex Pistols, shared the same iconic manager, the legendary Malcolm McLaren.

Adam Ant also performed at the original Live Aid concert in Wembley.

Do Google to learn more about the cool legacy of Adam and The Ants.

Anyway, hope you enjoyed my short Ants Blog.