The Joys Of Imperfection

The Joys Of Imperfection

Imperfections are Forgivable and even, Joyous.

I’MPERFECT! (not a typo)

Did you know that some of the iconic hit songs on the radio or hit charts have mistakes in them? The first recording take is usually the best version, mistakes and all, because it has the essence and spirit of the song and the fresh spontaneity of the band members. Ask John Lennon, Paul McCartney, Neil Young and Bob Dylan.

Even some iconic album covers have blurred images on them – John Lennon’s Imagine, George Harrison’s All Things Must Pass (my all-time favourite album cover), Bob Dylan’s Blonde On Blonde, and Peter Frampton’s Frampton Comes Alive.

In photography I gravitate towards the works of Jim Marshall, Robert Frank, Barry Feinstein, Danny Clinch and Annie Leibovitz (her early Rolling Stone magazine images) – who shot based on their instincts, given the tense situations they found themselves in. I’m drawn to the rawness and spontaneity of their images.

If I were to advise my teenage self about Life, having lived through it – it is this – Don’t be too stressed about the Journey ahead. It will be alright. Read more good books, make good, clever friends, help others, pick yourself up, do not lend money to friends (you’ll lose the money as well as the friend) etc.

I think this advice deserves special emphasis – “Look ahead and avoid “stepping on shit”.

Mistakes are merely Lessons learned. Unlike answers in school tests, things can be subsequently corrected. There are no textbook answers to Life.

Stress causes Cancer and Ill-health.

Being perpetually unreasonable, repels friends, colleagues, clients and even family members.

I occasionally remind my Kids, I have, in their Inner Core, given them a Happy Childhood. With a happy inner core, they can go conquer their world.

We see many famous talented rock stars, although attaining astronomical fame and fortune, never got the pat-on-their backs or simple acknowledgements/appreciations from their parents. And then, the parents pass on without any closure. Unhappy inner cores with thick wallets.

To me, LOVE is the spiritual and emotional bedrock of one’s existence.

RESPECT, especially from my family and friends, is the essential ingredient that propels me to walk with a spring in my step, a lift to my head, upright in my posture, and a readiness to lift others up.

Fuelled by LOVE and RESPECT, the Journey ahead will be fulfilling and joyous. Be sure to spread the Love and Respect to others. That’s the price you pay for your Blessings. More will be returned.

I’m Imperfect but I’m Enough.

Self Portrait – me in front of three huge paneled mirrors (above image) while waiting for friends to arrive.

I was chilling in this mirrored room recently when I caught a glimpse of myself in the expansive mirror reflection. So I took a spontaneous snap before people walked across my view. I liked that there was imperfections (distortions) in the overall reflected image. To me, that’s what made the image so special. I didn’t move to get a better pose. I pointed the iPhone and just took the shot. Imperfect but Soulful.

Life is like that, isn’t it? After you sweep clean the floor, it gets dirty again.

No matter how hard you try, you can’t please everyone.

No matter how filthy rich you may be, once you suffer major ill-health issues, Life tends to suck.

No matter how rich you are, there will be problems you will face at your financial level. Gout, broken knee (from skiing), high blood pressure, vertigo, depression, your kid got rejected from enrolling into an elite school, should have gotten more A’s in school results, higher taxes paid on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th properties, Lamborghini suddenly burst into flames, neglected kid is into drugs, was by-passed for the CEO role. etc. etc.

Years ago, I chided a stressed-out friend – “Do not excessively push your kid to succeed academically where you yourself have failed.” The kid will find his/her way around Life, let him/her enjoy the Journey. Who knows, they might return the favour by putting you into a Home with decent facilities, down the Road.

I’MPERFECT! (not a typo)

We are all going to be alright!

One step/one day at a time!