The Gift of Direction

The Gift of Direction

One of the joys I savour when I travel overseas is interacting with the local people of the land. I usually approach the friendly ones. I always bypass the use of Google Maps even though I have it in my phone apps.

Give me human touch, human interaction and most importantly, human kindness anytime.

Who knows, maybe an encouraging smile, a hearty laugh or a warm hug will be exchanged.

There Is Never An Ugly Smile!

There Is Never A Sad Laugh!

There Is Never A Lousy Hug!

Do not spoonfeed me, just point me in the right direction. I’ll get to the Promised Land myself.

Spare me the details, I’ll find my own destination. Because sometimes there’ll be a nice pleasant surprise (quaint pastry shop, cool record store, hip clothing shop, awesome designer vinyl toy shop, a new like-minded friendship to be forged) ahead of me.

Just as in Life, sometimes the Right Direction is all you’ll ever need.

The Journey is, indeed, the Reward.

The more of this wonderful earth you traverse, the more humans you interact with, the more worldly, wiser, kinder, more understanding and likeable you become.

I tell my buddies, when in doubt, always Head Upstream. The air and the view are much better up there. Never go downstream. Life’s little metaphor.

Also when facing a crossroad, take the harder route, the unmarked trail and leave your legacy for others to follow. Besides, working up a nice sweat is always a wise maneuver.

When in doubt, always Head Upstream.

In knowing where your Direction lies, the signposts will soon start to appear.

Or as my matey Dame Olivia Newton-John reminds us – “Don’t Stop Believing!” (above image).