The Flow

The Flow

This Blog is about The Flow. Unlike Star War’s The Force, the Flow is Spiritual Jujitsu.

You can’t force the Flow, instead Go with the Flow!

In my many years of living Life and travelling extensively around the world, I have sensed that there is a Flow amongst everything. These include friends (watch how they eat), traffic lights, companies, countries, business opportunities, stocks, property prices, politicians, street walkers, conversations, eating, dancers, reactions, drivers, sermons, showing gratitude etc. etc. You get the idea.

When I’m walking the streets of New York City, there’s a “flow” pace, I will walk 20% faster than my fellow walkers, to avoid being accosted by street peddlers. Their targets are the slow ones. New Yorkers walk a tad faster than the Dutch.

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I love this iconic image from Indiana Jones’ first epic – Raiders of the Lost Ark (1981). Here Indy seriously contemplates the weight of the gold idol, makes his decision and replaces the gold idol with a bag of sand. Prior to this moment of truth, he painstakingly pours out any excessive sand so the bag is the same (supposed) weight as the gold idol. I love the serious look on Harrison Ford’s face.

Fun Trivia: Tom (Magnum P.I.) Selleck was first offered the Indiana Jones role but due to filming commitments, he had to turn it down. Luck “flowed” onto Harrison’s lap.

Of course, we know Indy misjudges the gold idol’s weight. Not only that, he misjudges the loyalty of his tribal associates (who met with death within minutes of escaping the cave of death), the pre-emptive mind of his enemy Belloq, he had to shout many times to get his plane pilot (happily fishing in a river) to get the plane in flight mode while being chased by angry tribesmen (clients, bosses, colleagues, spouse, friends etc.?)

Doesn’t that remind you of Life?

When I make decisions, I assume 80% accuracy. For the other 20%, I stand by to make swift adjustments.

I’m seldom disappointed with my decisions.

I retyred at 44 years young to pursue my destiny, I published four rock photography books, I’m not on any social media, I avoid negative people – I’ve never given much thought about what others think I should do (especially those that haven’t done anything).

Corporations make 5-year plans, annual budgets/ sales targets. They also conduct quarterly forecasts and make updated results and necessary adjustments – pump up more sales efforts, minimise excessive expenditures, right-size staff strength etc.

Making slightly wrong decisions are way better than being afraid to decide on anything.

It’s okay – make subsequent swift, nimble-footed, agile ADJUSTMENTS!

As soon as Indy realises the gold idol starts to sink into the mount, and stones/rocks starts to fall, he runs frantically like hell out of the cave. Darts fly at him, a giant boulder wants to make a pizza out of him, his tribal accomplice betrays him etc.

But Indy has the tools to solve his predicament – his wit/urgency, his physique/stamina, his leather jacket (shield from darts), his man pouch, his whip, his pistol, his fedora, comfortable boots, and most important, his sense of humour and confidence etc. etc. And amidst all this frenzy, he looks cool in sweat and anxiety.

I’ve always wondered what’s in his man pouchFilofax, battery charger, Air Tag, house/car keys, thumb drives, Disney park vouchers?

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Sometimes things work out better than expected (above image).

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Sometimes things doesn’t work out, with shocking carbonite outcomes (above image).

I tell my kids, everything can be solved. It all depends on your wisdom, intelligence, wit and empathy levels. Some disputes can be solved within seconds. Some people who are not able to articulate their thoughts and point-of-views, resort to their fists to speak up for them. Sometimes, unfortunately, with firearms. Oh bloody, oh bruddah! (Beatles pun #1)

For the more testy encounters, I tell myself that something really bad must have happened to that repugnant person. Let it be! (Beatles pun #2)

My friends know I love Surf Memorabilia (above image). I have high admiration that a Surfer can navigate over big kahuna waves (opportunities and adversities) with just a board. The Surfer goes with the Ultimate Flow. If he doesn’t, he wipes out and that’s not a good thing. Ouch!

As for me, I’ve always been prepared for my Indy adventure (above image). Wink wink.

May The Flow Be With You! All Ways!