The Art Within

The Art Within

To me, a Real Artist does what he/she does because he/she Has To, it’s In Them.

Through their life journeys, they are aware of the Wellspring of Art within themselves. Those who have enjoyed Longevity had only to satisfy their own Souls.

They do not look over their shoulders to see what the rest of their competition are doing. Or what their audiences are listening to, what’s trending in social media, what the latest fashion attires are etc. etc. They just do what they were uniquely meant to be put into this world to do.

Let The Art Within You EMERGE.

After a lucrative life as a head honcho, at 44 years young, I arrived at my Crossroad. I had to cross it, with a trusty and accurate camera in hand, I did.

I know in my heart, it’s time for my Art to emerge into the world stage.

Everything you see in this Websight is my Journey so far, since my Crossing.

A self-taught Photographer (Artist), my Art pulled me along, I didn’t have to push myself. I just went along with the Flow and showed up to where I was invited and welcomed – into amazing inner sanctums, concert halls and homes.

Having loving and supportive wife and kids helps.

Here’s me and Chris Stein (Blondie) in the recording studio in New York City during the recording of Blondie’s awesome Pollinator album (above image).

He’s obviously tapping into an incoming melody bestowed upon him by the Music Powers that be.

Perhaps Chris invited me for being trusted to capture the poignant moments during the recording process. Or perhaps he knew, as a music fan, I would appreciate being a blessed witness to the creative processes that go into the making of a world-class album by a world-class band in a world-class recording studio. At all times, I made sure to exercise discretion, quietness,and invisibilty so as not to distract the band’s creative juices.

Chris Stein, the co-author of Heart Of Glass (among countless other iconic songs), is enjoying his 50th anniversary as a World-Class, A-List Composer, Musician and Photographer Extraordinaire.

His Musical and Photography Wellsprings are still abundant and forthcoming.

I thank the band for entrusting me to capture this radiant studio image (above image).

I thank the band for entrusting me to capture this harmonious studio image (above image).

I thank Chris for entrusting me to capture this peaceful image of him (above image).

This Blog is my Tribute to those who have recognised the Art Within Themselves. And did something with their Gifts – in turn blessing the world with it, making the world a better place.

I have noticed that true, successful Artists are always gracious and never criticises, only encourages.

As my friends know, I’ve made it my personal Crusade to help others, especially the Young, to help find their “One Thing”.

Everyone Has Their “One Thing”.