Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift performed her first of six concerts in Singapore tonight, 2 March 2024. There was a big buzz amongst her Swifties during the leading up to today. She sold out a phenomenal 300,000 tickets for six concerts.Taylormania!

Back in 8 November 2015, I remember being invited to attend Taylor Swift’s awesome concert promoting her 1989 album. I brought my elated Swiftie daughter along, as invited VIPs.

Taylor Swift in the bright spotlight (above image).

I nostalgically went to dig up my complimentary Taylor Swift tix and I came across other flood of concert memories by other “heavy hitters” that I also had invitations to – Madonna, Bob Dylan, Rolling Stones and others. Fun times indeed. Taylor’s good buddy Selena Gomez also performed in Singapore.

The concert tickets are now faded but the awesome concert memories are still fresh in my mind.

I’m heartened to see Taylor Swift’s star has sky-rocketed even higher up into the stratosphere.

The concert-buying frenzy these days have gone up a few notches in terms of steroids. Nothing like the pre-Covid daze. These days, scams of money paid for fake tickets or to scammers disappearing after pocketing the money is widespread. The new world.

Taylor enjoys performing for her Swifties (above image).

Taylor savouring a brief Zen moment (above image).

I want to take the opportunity of this Blog to also pay Tribute to other Rock Goddesses who bring their A-game to their concerts as well. Enjoy my intimate up-close images of them.

Lady Gaga (above image).

Dame Olivia Newton-John (above image).

Debbie Harry of Blondie (above image).

Dolores O’Riordan of Cranberries (above image).

Bonnie Raitt (above image).

St. Vincent (above image).

Shirley Manson of Garbage (above image).

Charli XCX (above image).

Pat Benatar (above image).

Tagan & Sara (above image).

Karen O of Yeah Yeah Yeahs (above image).

Gwen Stefani (above image).

Selena Gomez (above image).

Floor Jansen of Nightwish (above image).

Suzanne Vega (above image).