Consistently Inconsistent / Inconsistently Consistent.

I don’t know how else to describe the beloved Mael Brothers, Russell and Ron, whose CDs I’ve been consistently buying up every time they’re released into the wild, without heeding any regards for their CDs’ mostly inaccurate reviews.

Look at what just arrived in the mael! Their latest delight – “The Girl Is Crying Her Latte” just arrived via DHL moments ago (29 May, 2023), image below.

A Sparks fan, Cate Blanchett gamely appeared dancing spontaneously in their song video, having previously met the Maels at a recent Caesar Awards event in Paris.

I particularly liked the brilliant exchange between John Aizlewood of Mojo magazine and Ron Mael

Q – John Aizlewood: “Why is the girl crying in her latte?

A- Ron Mael : “… If I were a pretentious person, I would say it encapsulates a certain melancholy of the times, but I’m not a pretentious person.

Over the decades, I’ve been gathering up consistently ALL their “genius on a plate” (CD).

You can get an idea of their Creative Collective Consciousness from my Sparks CD collection in the image below.

I don’t do things in half maelsures!

Yes, I have three versions of their No. 1 In Heaven CD, with different song and bonus tracks offerings and remastering versions.

The brilliance of the Sparks and Giorgio Moroder collaboration is up there with ELO and Olivia Newton-John collaboration in Xanadu.

The first copy of No. 1 In Heaven CD I ever caught sight of and acquired was from the now-closed Ward Warehouse in Honolulu, Oahu way back in the 90s. This popular album was really hard to find in the early days of CDs.

I’m typing this Blog with the latest CD blasting in the background, as I tip my hat to the Sparks Brothers. Yes, I also have their recently released brilliant documentary DVD by Edgar Wright too. But I’m too lazy to go look for it and re-shoot the collection. Haha.

I can think of no other band that both John Lennon and Paul McCartney have name-dropped. Okay, maybe ELO.

Lennon was said to have rung up Ringo Starr to talk about “Marc Bolan (Russell Mael) playing a song with Adolf Hitler (Ron Mael) in the “This Town Isn’t Big Enough For The Both Of Us” music video.

McCartney did a visual parody of Ron Mael in his “Coming Up” music video.

Needless to say, I love their latest fun craziness (CD).

I applaud their chin-up longevity!

The SPARKS are still flying high!

I’m looking forward to buying (without reading reviews) their next Sparks album!