Photographing Slipknot has been an exhilarating high point in my rock photography journey.

Recently I came across this nostalgic social media post by Shawn Crahan of Slipknot (below image).

It brought back a flood of fond memories – of my new found super-talented friends, of the total access I was accorded in photographing the band, how nine of my b/w portraits of the band members ended up in the album artwork (9 pages), winning the second prize of the 2006 Lucie Awards for Non-Professional Music category, how Chris Fehn visited my home, shopping for golf equipment and having kaya toast and kopi, having dinner at CHIJMES with the band, photographing the band’s press conference in my Mambo Loud Hawaiian shirt, having dinner with the band at CHIJMES etc. etc.

My iconic shot of the late Joey Jordison on stage has graced many a newspaper front cover and regional magazines; even in a double-spread Rolling Stones (Indonesia) article on my rock photography journey (above and below images).

“Hey Joey, not only did I use your favourite photograph in my Sonic Solitude book but I featured you on the Cover!” (above and below images).

The Joey Jordision image – titled “Intense!” – won me the second prize of the 2006 Lucie Awards for Non-Professional Music category. For this competition, I also won the first and third prizes.

I continue to miss our friendship till this day, brother.

R.I.P. Kind and Talented Sir!

Moments before I shot the iconic Joey Jordison image – I was happily enjoying the vibrant Slipknot concert right on stage when I saw Joey gesturing to me. I instinctively took a quick shot of his gesture as I knew the next few seconds was going to be exciting and memorable (above image).

Amazingly a friend managed to take a pix of me strolling to see what Joey wanted me to do (above image). That’s my buddy, Chris Fehn on stage, working the crowd.

A panoramic cross-section image of the vast Slipknot stage (above image).

The Slipknot band members are getting restless (above image). Sleep Not!

I love this zen portrait of Joey Jordison. Truly, AHEAD of his time (above image)!

I promptly sent a signed copy of Shawn (Clown) Crahan to his home shortly after getting his above request (above and below images). Honoured, brother.

My B/W portrait of Shawn Crahan, as in the CD artwork (above image).

Shawn’s portrait was captured with a Canon 85mm f1.2 L lens. He was less than two feet away from me.

Some kind words from my brother Chris Fehn (above and below images).

Chris Fehn hangs out at my Meditation Chamber, music room in my home (above image).

Photographing Slipknot’s press conference in my Mambo Loud Hawaiian shirt (above image)!

My close-up B/W portrait of Slipknot guitarist Mick Thomson (above image).

I’m deeply saddened at the young passing of my buddy Joey Jordison. I share two of my favourite images of him hard at work behind his drum fortress (above and below images). Truly one of a kind!

Shortly after the Slipknot 9:0 Live double CD was released, I received a box of signed goodies from Slipknot, including this signed CD cover signed by all nine members of the band.

I want to thank Messrs. Shawn, Joey, Chris and the rest of the Slipknot band members for according me carte blanche All Access status to document their awesome concert. And to LAMC for having the foresight to bring in Slipknot to Singapore. Well played, Lauretta and Ross.

Muchos MahalosSlipknot was the first band to feature my beloved images in their official album.

My images were subsequently also featured in Beach Boys, Blondie, Eric Johnson and Kitaro best-selling albums (Vinyl, CD and DVD formats).

I thank Dame Olivia Newton-John and May Pang for including me in their official autobiographies.

Thanks so much, Everyone!