Show Up With A Smile

Show Up With A Smile

That’s Why I Do What I Do

I’ve been focusing my lens on rock stars and rock bands for over 40 years. Every single show brings anticipatory exhilaration. Still does.

Like everything Life deals me, I Show Up. With A Smile. I’m curious to see where the open door leads, of course with my Access All Areas concert pass. I’m always thankful that the door happened to be open for my exclusive Access.

I always shoot with the Happy mode (Mental Setting) on all the time!

I share this 2017 interview link (below) where my most impactful images from the 15th year of my photography journey are featured and discussed.

I’m one lucky photographer with an interesting, loud subject genre. I hope to die with a mirrorless camera in my right hand, during the last encore segment of an electrifying show. I just hope it won’t happen any time soon. Haha.

Another day above ground is always a good, colour-filled Kodachrome day!