Secret Sauce

Secret Sauce

This is a Blog about the Secret Sauce. Secret Sauce can mean different things to different people. To me, the Big Kahuna of Secret Sauces is Wisdom.

The above text is from me to my Mentee (a young college graduate), ready to face the working world. But before he takes that step into the corporate highway, he is reminded to show his Gratitude to his teachers.

Parents push their offsprings to excel, go the extra hours of study, compete, be Numero Uno etc. BUT they forgot about (or did not realise the existence of) the Zen art of gratitude and humility.

In my former corporate days as a Hirer of talents, I not only evaluate candidates for their Intelligence, Aptitude and Leadership qualities (Head) but also for their Ambition, Character, Attitude and Humility (Heart). Humility is the essence of the Servant Leader.

Always sprinkle some Secret Sauce into your Ambitious Broth. Secret sauces – Fruits of the Spirit – include love, joy, patience, empathy, flexibility, character, radiance, lovingkindness, faithfulness and contentment.

An impressive College Degree gains you exclusive entry into the Corporate Tower. How fast you ascend up the Tower depends on your arsenal of secret sauces.

Let me say a few words on Wisdom.

Wise is a word others bestow on you. It’s a mystical word that if you say you are, you are definitely NOT. Take heed, Mr. Know It Alls out there. It is not a good thing if you’re “too smart”. A wise man delights in learning new, fresh, enjoyable things every day. But if you are wise, you are wise. There’s no such thing as “too wise”. You’re in blessed and gifted company.

I believe when we meet our Maker, He looks for 3 main things in us – pure Hearts, dirty Knees and dirty Finger Nails. So should we, in the quality friends we keep.

A Pure Heart is having a God-fearing, giving, kind heart to the lost, least, last and forgotten. especially to those who cannot pay you back.

A Dirty Knee is a by-product of humble kneeling; being subservient to those lower than you, not to the rich from whom you need some favours.

Dirty Finger Nails is about doing the actual deed of helping the less fortunate, instead of excessive talk.

To me, a true friend is simply one who sees you drowning, dives immediately into the sea, drags you back to land and then asks if you are okay. Then there’s the other one who keeps shouting if you are okay, without getting wet.

The Heart is 13″ from the Head. So near but so far apart in terms of Life significance and contributions. When we are young, we rely on the Head (intellect) in achieving our Ambitious goals. As I grow older, the emphasis of my decisions starts to shift downwards to the Heart. These days, I rely on my Heart for wise, instinctive counsels on people, investments and time-related projects. I tell my friends, I’m deeply contented when they ask me how I am.

These days, I’m a Thinker, less a Doer. I only pursue Things of the Heart. My toy collection of bearded Wise Warriors (above image).