S.H.I.T. Parties

S.H.I.T. Parties

This Blog is about Enduring Friendships forged along the enchanted Road of Life.

I recently, within a span of a week, attended two fun parties of differing themes, nostalgia and decorum.

Both parties instantly brought back fond memories of my S.H.I.T. (So Happy It’s Thursday) Parties when I was a student pursuing my MBA studies in Texas in the mid-80’s. More on this below.

The first party (Saturday, 11 May 2024) was held at a friend’s Birthday Party celebration. The theme was “ABBA’s Mamma Mia”.

The second party (Saturday, 18 May 2024) was held at the Centenary Celebration of my Alma Mater’s Star Scouts movement.

With birthday girl Justine and “billionhaire” Clifford, my crazy, fun friends at Justine’s “ABBA’s Mama Mia” Birthday Party (above image). Me in my Eddie Van Halen Frankenstein shorts.

Caught up with the sprightly Victor Wee, my Scout Master from my school days, at my fun Alma Mater’s Scouts Centenary Celebration (above image). Victor and I would still meet up for lunches whenever our busy schedules permit. His sagging shirt pocket contains index cards of his upcoming appointments and lunch meetings with former students and friends. Happy to note my Scouts belt still fits.

Now allow me to reminisce about the S.H.I.T. Parties I used to attend during my MBA studies in the US and the important impact it had in shaping my Life Outlook and Social Attitude.

My MBA study taught me, besides the reading, assignments, team projects, examinations and thesis, was about going-the-extra-mile Attitude. Work Hard, and more importantly, Play Harder. So much so, I landed a Management Consulting job two semesters before my MBA graduation, with the company’s Houston office.

We all know about TGIF – “Thank God It’s Friday“. Or Toes Go In First to Sneakerheads.

We, the vibrant MBA gang, would have our usual S.H.I.T. (So Happy It’s Thursday) Parties a day before TGIF. Why wait for Friday or the Weekend? Let’s Do This!

It is no wonder that I remember more of my fellow MBA students than my Professors.

I distinctly remember two parties I attended – one was at a Texan bar with an enormous aquarium tank in the middle. Instead of exotic fishes, there were large fully-grown rattle snakes. The other party, I recall I was at a downtown Rastafarian bar. When we went in, the place was pitch black. My eyes took some time to adjust when suddenly a voice right next to me said “Allo Marn!”. I realised I was sitting next to a Rasta. We had a fruitful cultural exchange of good vibes.

Till today, I am still in contact with my Buddies from those fun college (BBA and MBA) days – emails, gifts in the mail and end-of-year Christmas letters.

Being an overseas Asian student attending US colleges proved important on how I viewed Friendship and learnt the fine art of making friends quickly. When I arrived in the US, embarking on my studies (BBA and MBA), I didn’t know anyone. I made friends quickly by always giving my smiles, exuding my easy-going personality and offering a helping hand (academic expertise) whenever I could. In a nutshell – Being Proactive. Don’t wait for friends to come to you, go say a friendly Hi to them! At the end of the long day, I was readily accepted into my overseas friends’ inner circles.

My happy friend-making enthusiasm continues to this day – I’m comfortably accepted into the inner sanctums of newly minted friends, be it Presidents or Rock Stars (below).

Me with the beloved and highly respected President of Singapore President Tharman Shanmugaratnam (above image).

Me with my iconic heroes, backstage – Carlos Santana and Steve Wozniak, co-founder of Apple Computers (above image).

I like to think my MBA and its fond S.H.I.T. Parties had profound, positive “Work Hard, Play Harder” influences on my “go-getter/going-the-extra-mile/don’t do things in half-measures” attitudes in my Life pursuits (above image).

I retyred from the rat race at the age of 44, grew a beard, grabbed my camera and made new, fun and talented friends – who like me, had followed our heARTS.

As I told my son when he also pursued his studies overseas years ago – start with no friends and go bless at least five people each day. Soon you’ll have abundant friends and endless good luck happening to you.