Rituals & Routines

Rituals & Routines

Rituals are Routines sprinkled with Spiritual Spice.

Rituals are crucial to the happy rhythm of your Life. They say – at first you form your Habits. Before long, your Habits control you. May they be good, not harmfool, habits.

I wake up with three rituals every morning to start the day right.

First, after waking up, I sit up by the edge of my bed and I quietly sing a calming and personalised stanza from a Rodgers and Hammerstein song, I call it my Morning Mantra.

Second, I shave with one of my six different coloured Giesen & Forsthoff’s (German) Timor brand butterfly shaving razors. Founded by Paul Giesen and Eugen Forsthoff in Solingen in 1920. I take my Art of Shaving seriously.

Third, I have my Morning Cuppa (kopi).

If there is a fourth, it is deciding the T-shirt (always with Art design) I’ll be wearing for the day. Wearable Art.

Now I’m ready to face the Day, and bless (at least) five people. Blessing five people daily are also reminders I shared with my Kids.

My seasoned six Butterfly shaving razors (above image) of differing finishes – brass, matt chrome, gold, black, chrome etc. I rotate them for use every few months.

I don’t use battery-powered handheld facial lawn mowers. I prefer a Zen, quiet morning grooming ritual.

Ironically, known as a monochrome photographer, I’m driven by the colourful hues of the World. Do check out my “Technicolour” Gallery in this WebSight.

My well-used grooming Butterfly Buddies (above image), I like them sharp, reliable and decisive.

Another ritual I like is, when just before a concert, I take out my camera and necessary lenses from the dry box and put them into my well-weathered camera bag. I show respect to my photography equipment, no throwing them roughly about, You be nice to them, they’ll be nice (no malfunction, or camera jam) to you. All my lenses have protective filters and lens caps on them. I only bring and use one camera to shoot concerts. So far, so good. Respect your camera equipment.

A routine I have with my Kids is I’ll always find time to have casual chats with them about Life, Finance and Investment. As a Daddy Cool, I want them to step on as little “shit” as possible in Life.