I love the word – Ridiculous. Ridiculous eases tension. The sound of Ridiculous is a Guffaw – an unguarded, spontaneous, full-gusto Laugh.

A full-throttle, ugly-sounding Guffaw clears emotional and spiritual impurities.

When you dare to be Ridiculous, you attract fun friends. But beware of the limits of Ridicule, do not go beyond the edge of human decency.

Ridiculous is the juicy Cherry on the cake of Magnificence. When you reached your hard-earned Summit of your accomplishments, what else do you do – Be Ridiculous. Have Fun, share memorable Fun Times with others.

Let the Child in you out into the Playground of Life more often.

Dance like no one’s watching. Sing like no one’s around. On hindsight, ignore the previous suggestion.

Recalling these ridiculous fun times of Ugly Smiles and Guffaws will lift you out of your depressions down the Road.

I gravitate towards people who have a big child in them. They don’t take themselves or Life seriously. They followed their destined paths and succeeded. Time to have some serious but legal Fun.

Before you go try some outlandish gymnastic maneuvers, you must have mastered “the Crucifix”, if you know what I mean. Before you embark on your Cubism or Soup Cans period of Art, you must be a proven master painter.

Never take life seriously. It doesn’t take you seriously anyway.

Before you earned your right to be ridiculous, you must have earned gravitas under your belt.

Take Andy McCluskey, composer, singer, bassist for the band OMD (Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark), when he performs, he dances in a ridiculous manner, like no one’s watching him. He has earned my respect because he’s in his true FUN self, no restrain at all. He’s Real.

Sometimes I see one-dimensional corporate leaders, neatly groomed, with no sense of humour, looking at life only in terms of bottom lines and profits– with no outlet for creativity and fun. There’s nary a smile on their face. Underneath their tense skin, ailments fester.

I share you with some fond fun (ridiculous) times spent with some talented people. You can see the big child in them. It’s their superpower to NOT growing old. A big smile comes to my face every time I look back at these times.

Me and the late legendary rock photographer Mick Rock sharing an uninhibited fun moment (ugly smiles and guffaws) at an invite-only New York gallery event (above image). You know the Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody iconic shadowy portrait? Mick shot it!

Legendary photographer David LaChappelle shows off his playful tongue (above image).

Gene Simmons of Kiss teaches me the proper way to smile for the camera (above image).

Me and the iconic Japanese toy and fashion designer Punk Drunker pose “solefully” for the camera (above image).

Lamb Of God bassist, John Campbell, reaching for the stars (above image). I thank my lucky “stars” (quick reaction) at capturing this “blink and you miss” spontaneous moment.

One of the many happy backstage moments I have encountered through my long and fun journey in rock photography.

Two happy kids having happy meals – me and Steve Wozniak, co-founder of Apple Computers, without a care in the world, at our favourite hang out – Hard Rock Cafe.

After a serious hard working day/week, let out some uninhibited Guffaws with fun, ridiculous friends! Purge those tense impurities out of your System!

As I’ve said before – Laughter does not cause Cancer.