This is a Blog about my Reflections portrait series and some awesome moments spent in automobiles.

The portraits were all taken in my 15 year-old SUV, in my home driveway.

I’m not one who needs to impress others with fast, exotic and expensive cars. My friends spend fun times with me for who I am, not what I own.

My Reflections portrait series feature the real facial expressions of my dear friends (famous or otherwise) with fascinating Life journeys and interesting faces.

I wanted all my Portrait Subjects to show me their “real” faces (sans glam or posed smiles), reflecting on their challenges of and lessons learnt from their unique Life journeys (highs and lows).

Reflection also refers to my car window’s light reflection. Being in my car, symbolised my subjects being in their own private space.

I used my favourite portraiture lensCanon 85mm f1.2 L lens – to capture the portraits.

A big Thank You to all my Dear Friends for dropping by my home, hopping into my SUV and participating in my portrait series. I shot many more portraits but for the sake of this Blog, I’ll just feature a few portraits of my Heroes and Dear Friends.

An excerpt from my “ACCESS: Into The Wilderness Of Rock & Roll” rock photography book, page 153 (above image) – “We were born with a face not of our choosing but we die with a face we deserve.”

Chiam See Tong – respected and beloved opposition political leader (above image).

Elizabeth Choy – respected and beloved war heroine and school teacher (above image). R.I.P. Elizabeth!

Captain Ho Weng Toh (“Winky”) – respected World War 2 war hero of the “Flying Tigers” squadron fame (above image).

Violet Kwan – founder of Lana Cakes

Joseph Schooling – Singapore’s first and only Gold Olympian (above image). He made Singapore proud.

Colin Schooling – untiring parent/guardian of their son’s swimming career and global achievements (above image). R.I.P. Colin!

May Schooling – untiring parent/guardian of their son’s, Joseph, swimming career and global achievements (above image).

Patrick ChngOddfellow composer and guitarist (above image).

Kit Chan – singer of the other Singapore anthem “Home” (above image).

Jeffrey Koh – formidable toy tycoon – designer and collector extraordinaire (above image).

Benjamin Liew – serial entrepreneur and charity champion (above image).

Hansen Khoo – Star Wars (501st Singapore Garrison) and Hot Wheels aficionado (above image). He’s the kind soul who nominated me to be “Friend Of The Legion” into the 501st Garrison universe.

Switching gears a bit, here’s some of my adventures on Automobiles in general.

I had the luck and honour of being driven around by talented musicians and artists in their cars and, in turn, driving them around Singapore.

Me posing, in a rural pasture, with my ad-hoc personalised “Rock Photographer” license plate for an Audi magazine article (above image).

Honoured to be driven around by Debbie Harry, singer and composer of Blondie (above image). No coincidence that my favourite Blondie album is Autoamerican.

Honoured to be driven around by Chris Stein, composer and guitarist of Blondie (above image). No coincidence that my favourite Blondie album is Autoamerican.

Bobby KimballToto singer (above image).

Mike ManginiDream Theater drummer (above image).

Frank Kozik -late legendary toy designer and artist (above image). R.I.P. Frank!

My Kids in Limousine. These days, they each have driving licenses of their own (above image).

A still from a recent Video Interview – me enjoying my used authentic US license plates collection with poignant descriptions (above image). I equate the license plates as the long journeys the previous owners have driven, across the vast travelscapes of America; the wondrous sights seen and the indelible lessons learnt.