More Kitaro Returns

More Kitaro Returns

Here are a few more poignant images I took at the recent sold-out visual and sonic two-night Kitaro concert extravaganzas.

It was such a joy and amazement to witness the scenes I saw and captured with my camera.

Go read my previous “Kitaro Returns” blog for my earlier concert images before reading this blog. Most of my concert commentary are there. Consider this Blog a sharing of Bonus Visual Material (CD Album speak).

Enjoy the Visual Encore of the contemplative Zen moments captured during the Soundcheck Sessions and actual Concert Performances!

Mystic Maestro in Meditation (above image). For a second, I thought I was photographing Barry Gibb of the Bee Gees. Just for a single second, mind you.

Gratitude and Humility (above image).

The Suwa Daiko Group bathed in Blue Splendour (above image). Soundcheck rehearsal of the second opening act.

The blue lights lasted only a second after I took the shot.

Pre-Show Backstage Bonding with Kitaro and the talented and powerful Suwa Daiko Group (above image).

Moments later, the Suwa Daiko Group went on stage to captivate their awaiting audience.

@ARTDIS Claire Teo and Dr. Azariah Tan with Kitaro (above image). A brilliant performance from the first Opening Act.

Melody Weaver (above image).

Soothing Sitar Symphony (above image).

Mystic Glow (above image). Soundcheck rehearsal.

Sonic Calibration with Band Members (above image). Soundcheck rehearsal.

An Exclusive Intimate Moment – just Kitaro with his Fans (above image). View from the privileged back of stage – a.k.a. My Office.

Mental and Spiritual Precision (above image).

Wizard Of Wow (above image). Soundcheck rehearsal.

Concentration (above image). Soundcheck rehearsal.

Panoramic View Of Stage from Stage Right (above image).

A Glowing Magical Performance from Kitaro (above image). A fitting finale image of the Maestro fully focussed and hard at work at pleasing his Fans.