A recent article from the Guardian newspaper (UK) caught my eye – the original B/W photograph of the Led Zeppelin 4 iconic cover Stick Man was found and the names of both the photographer and Stick Man were also revealed.

The PhotographerErnest Howard Farmer. Ernest took the picture around 1892.

Stick ManMr. Lot Long, sometimes known as Longyear, as per the caption beneath the photograph image – “A Wiltshire Thatcher”. A thatcher is a roof mender. On Mr. Lot Long’s back is a bundle of hazel.

Sadly the original B/W photograph use in the album cover, acquired by Jimmy Page and Robert Plant from an antique shop, was lost. The B/W photographed was colourised in the album cover shot.

To me, the Led Zeppelin 4 cover is the most gorgeous album cover ever.

There’s no band name, record label or record catalog number featured on the album cover. The band’s artistic integrity won over the commercial stipulations of their record label.

There is NOT a weak (album filler) song on the album!

I put some serious money into acquiring a sought-after limited edition official lithograph signed by Jimmy Page himself.

Since its release in 1971, more than 37 million copies of the album have been sold worldwide.

Top-off with the best number in the edition series!

Back in 2005, Jimmy Page had commissioned a rare limited edition silkscreen print run of 250 of the iconic record cover. I happened to be a client of the person selling the lithograph, having bought several other “holy grail” art works from him before in the 1990s.

Peter S said for this art series, I couldn’t have my usual #1 in the edition as Jimmy Page reserved #1 and #2 for himself.

I could have #3. Fair enough.

After a few minutes, I called him to change the edition number to #4, instead of #3. He asked why but I said I’ll tell him the reason once he mailed off the lithograph.

Once I received the beloved lithograph, I told him I am honoured to acquire the most desirable edition number from the series – #4/250 for the Led Zeppelin 4 cover!

My holy grail Art acquisition#4 and Jimmy Page’s signature.

Lithograph sales information (above image). Bought for US$1,500, I presume my #4/250 print should have skyrocketed a “few quids” upwards.

My authentic, used January 1993 “4 ZOSO” Virginia (USA) license plate and my sought-after Hot Wheels Led Zeppelin 4 toy car.

Years ago, I also acquired the limited edition lithograph (#156/200) of the Led Zeppelin 1 cover (first album). signed by the artist himself – George Hardie.