Kitaro Returns

Kitaro Returns

After seven years (2017), since he last performed in Singapore, the legendary Kitaro returned to perform two sold-out nights on 25 (Tuesday) and 26 (Wednesday) June 2024. I got to hang out with Kitaro on both nights. The awesome shows were brought in by the awesome folks at AUX Media Group.

Published in 2020, I waited four years to finally present my “ACCESS: Into The Wilderness Of Rock And Roll” book to Kitaro (above image). My legendary buddy is featured in a double spread in the book.

Always great to enjoy a LAID BACK moment, literally, in the Green Room with Kitaro-san (above image).

My Kitaro-signed “ARTISTE” nuclear-powered concert pass (above image). With this kind gift from the concert organiser, I’m able to roam wild and free, as my following beloved images will show.

I’m honoured to share with you the following wondrous sights I was privileged to witness, on and back of stage, and captured with my trusty Canon R3.

Enjoy the Show!

A fun and impromptu stage portrait shot of the Maestro and his stage (above image). Just the two of us.

“The World Is My Oyster Sashimi” stage shot of the Maestro (above image). Just the two of us.

A jubilant Kitaro after a fantastic performance in front of his sold-out and full house concert audience (above image).

Same star pose as previous image, this time with 2,200 fans looking on!

A spectacular giant screen display advertising the show awaits the audience before the show (above image). The awesome shows were brought in by the good folks at AUX Media Group. Thanks greatly to Chyi Kei and Bryan, also to veteran concert impresario Jimmy Loh.

I tip my hat to the two talented opening acts1) Claire Teo and Dr. Azariah Tan as well as 2) the Singapore Suwa Daiko Group.

Full Impact of an immersive Kitaro Concert Experience (above image).

This panoramic image illustrates 1) the Kitaro band, 2) the Singapore Suwa Daiko Group on stage and 3) the captivated audience.

Kitaro and his Electric Sitar (above image). Sound check.

A seated Kitaro enjoying the powerful performance of the Singapore Suwa Daiko Group (above image).

Kitaro, stage right, enjoying a contemplative Zen moment during the concert (above image).

Kitaro rehearsing an emotional “Imagine” (above image). Soundcheck.

Kitaro performs “Imagine” for his audience (above image). I focussed my 70-200mm telephoto lens on his emotional face and melodic hands.

I fondly call this image “The Circle Of Life” (above image). Soundcheck rehearsal with the Singapore Suwa Daiko Group.

Soundcheck rehearsal with the Singapore Suwa Daiko Group. (above image).

A solemn Kitaro plays and sings with emotion the John Lennon and Yoko Ono song, “Imagine” for his finale song in the concert (above image). A touching and emotional moment of the performance.

He mentioned to the audience how my ACCESS book touched his heart, on seeing some of my rock subjects that were featured in my book, are no longer with us. One legendary buddy of Kitaro, in particular, is the late David Crosby.

My favourite poignant image. I used a telephoto lens to zoom in on the well-worn “Imagine” lyrics sheet while Kitaro sings “Imagine” for his audience (above image).

I joked with an amused Kitaro that I called this image, “Sitaro” (above image).

Single Minded Enlightenment (above image).

Unique view of amazing sound and light show from back of stage (above image). IMHO, the best view in the concert hall.

Maestro mesmerising his fans (above image).

Emotion of the Maestro 1 (above image).

Emotion of the Maestro 2 (above image).

Enlightened Soundcheck. I love the halo around Kitaro from the strong light beam (above image).

“Focussed On The Golden Moment” (above image).

“The Moment of the Maestro”, bathed in golden splendour (above image).

“Sitaro and his Amplified Friends” (above image). Check out the wires.

Band Silhouette (above image).

Sayonara, Singapore! Kitaro and his talented musicians show their appreciation to their applauding fans for two sold-out concerts. (above image). Please also read my previous “Kitaro” blog.

Return to Singapore soon, Kitaro-san!