Introduce Yourself To Yourself

Introduce Yourself To Yourself

They say, when You Know Yourself, you can Conquer the World – Your World!

Easier said than done.

But there are those who have succeeded.

The key to Knowing/Finding Yourself is Quiet Time.

They say when God wants to have a Word (or two) with you, He whispers.

Well, either a whisper or a burning bush.

To hear the whisper implies that your Heart and surrounding must be relatively quieter.

I used to sleep at 3am, these days it’s around 2am. When the family is asleep at night, that’s when I enjoy my Quiet Time.

Sometimes (70%), it’s just heavenly serenity, sometimes (30%), it’s wise, profound counsel.

We hear of rock stars keeping a note pad or recorder next to their bed, in case a melody, tune, riff or lyrics appears in their consciousness or subconsciousness.

A fun double exposure “Meeting My Acquaintance” photograph of a younger me (above image).

Whilst your Destiny could be out there on the Horizon, miles away from where you are, it’s even harder for you to know yourself, to know your heart.

To know your Heart is never easy, even it is only an inch beneath your chest. It’s easier to walk towards that horizon, miles down the road. To make it harder to get to your heart, there is a metaphorical protective chamber (ala Indiana Jones adventure) – a robust rib cage. Long story short, getting to know oneself is not easy.

I have at least three hours of quiet time daily for the past decades. I receive great profound “whispers” on which directions I should go, or what actions I should take, whether in related to family, investment, friendly mentor advice to friends, delay response, avoidance to someone or recent developments, Blog ideas, send this nice, thoughtful image(s) or message to someone, artistic matters etc etc..

Quiet Time requires only one vital organ of your body – Your Still Heart. Not your ears. Spiritual reception is never audio in frequency.

You can have your Quiet Time (think nothing) by “tuning out” – on MRT trains, buses, waiting for someone to arrive, waiting for your queue number to be called, Grab car to arrive etc, Even tuning out of reality (spiritual rest) for five minutes, it’s better than none at all.

As per courtesy of Messr. John Lennon“Turn off your mind, relax and float downstream.” For the purposes of this Blog, Upstream is better.