Intergalactic Superheroes

Intergalactic Superheroes

Last night (24 February, 2024, Saturday), I attended the Davos Summit of Intergalactic Superheroes – in different time dimensions, East meets West mythologies as well as Star Wars, Marvel and DC comic universes.

It was ten days ago that I had the unique opportunity to hang out with 1,500 drone friends (refer my Dragon Drones blog). Last night, I hung out with Eastern and Western mythical intergalactic buddies from different time dimensions. All interesting friends of different sizes, funky costumes, firepower and temperament, shall we say!

Everyone gathered for the annual festive Chingay Parade held at the F1 Building. Yes, the mecca where the annual F1 night race is held annually.

The Chingay Parade was first mooted by Singapore’s founding Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew in 1973 as a street parade to celebrate the Chinese New Year. Chingay in Mandarin implies the art of costume and masquerade.

Every year, the annual event has vibrant performers in elaborate costumes from different ethnicity, cultures; in dazzling floats incorporating cultural performances from around the world. Do learn more about this fabulous colourful celebration.

This Blog celebrates my fun time hanging out with my intergalactic superfriends. Enjoy the following images from the fun event.

The East meets West intergalactic, inter time-dimensional superhero icons (above image).

The Gods of Fortune (above image). I figured being buddies with these Deities will enhance my financial standing.

Hanging out with my Star Wars costuming buddies are always fun. Here (above image) they are celebrating both the annual Lo Hei (lucky Chinese salad prosperity tossing celebration) as well as a space comrade’s son’s, Imran, birthday.

Birthday boy, Imran, with the help of his proud parents, adorns a Chewbacca costume (above image). A family that costumes together, stays together.

Star Wars Assemble! My buddies from the George Lucas’ Star Wars universe (above image) comprising the good folks from 501st Legion Singapore Garrison, Cathar Base Singapore, Rebel Legion, FightSaber Singapore, Kranak Clan, Mando Mercs Costuming Club and Hosnian Prime Campus Galactic Academy.

It’s not often when you see the Chinese God of Fortune hanging out with Clone Trooper Captain Rex (above image).

Me with Rocket Racoon from the Guardians of the Galaxy movie series (above image).

I presume rubbing shoulders with the God of Longevity is a good Ikigai practice (above image). Me in my latest super-cool 501st Legion Singapore Garrison Tiki-Hawaiian racing shirt.

I think the Gorilla likes me (above image).

Me tossing the lucky Yu Sheng (Prosperity Toss) salad (above image). Check out my Grateful Dead Clone Trooper hat pin.

The messy Jackson Pollack art collage (end-result) – sign of a successful rowdy, loud and “force”ful Lo Hei salad toss (above image).

The spectacular night parade, graced by the President of Singapore, Tharman Shanmugaratnam, will board the awaiting golden float (above image) to kick off the parade. Always nice to watch the parade in an air-conditioned room.

See you next year, my time-travelling, inter-galactic superhero friends!

I wish you all – Huat Ah! A Chinese loud and forceful wish of prosperity to one and all!