The Reason is the reason why I love Hoobastank!

But the real reason why I adore Hoobastank is Hoobastank.

Every time they hit town, we hang out, like brothers.

This blog is my tribute to a great Californian band formed in 1994.

Although best known for their power ballad, The Reason, their other hit songs are Crawling In The Dark, Running Away, Out Of Control and My Turn etc.

The name Hoobastank came about because Doug Robb couldn’t pronounce a German street name.

The band Hoobastank comprises of the talented Doug Robb (singer), Dan Estrin (guitarist), Chris Hesse (drummer) and Jesse Charland (bassist).

Doug and Dan are composers of The Reason.

Once at a Christian formal gathering, we sang The Reason. the heart-felt ballad had taken a religious connotations.

The following images never fails to bring back fond memories with the fun band.

Enjoy the behind-the-scenes and intimate concert performance images.

The Hoob at Meditation Chamber, the music room in my home (above image).

The Hoob admiring my rock memorabilia in my Meditation Chamber (above image)

The Hoob in my home library (above image). “You Are What You Read”.

The Hoob in my home library (above image).

Lunch with Doug at the Singapore Cricket Club (above image).

Lunch with the Hoob (above image). Lunch was kind courtesy from the band! Thanks, guys!

Always great to enjoy a hearty meal with Doug (above image).

Dan “Vitamins” Estrin (above image).

The van journey from the hotel to the concert venue (above image).

Fun chill times in the green room before their performance (above image).

Chilling out after an intense performance (above image).

After the concert, they saw me, and pulled me into the room. Everyone else had to stay outside.

I sat behind them quietly. No one spoke for a few minutes, zoning. What I call “Decompression” mode.

Then Doug said “Eddie, you still there?” That’s the signal for me to blend in. I subsequently took this “decompression” shot.

Doug told me he had a special visual gift for my lens during his performance. Showing off his sexy socks! Hahaha! (above image).

A VERY rare moment of me caught in action on the Jumbotron screen (above image). I always like to be invisible on stage, ninja-style.

Me in my usual ninja-mode (above image).

Doug brings his A-game to his fans (above image).

Dan wanted a shot of him with the iconic Marina Bay Sands building as a backdrop (above image).

Chris behind the screen separating him and the audience, moments before the band’s performance.(above image).

Doug taking in the splendour of Singapore’s magnificient skyline (above image).

Jesse, in his zen mood, in the green room (above image).

Always great to be given carte blanche to have All Access status to shoot the band including being inches behind drummer extraordinaire Chris (above image).

Doug requested a shot of him on stage at the stroke of midnight with fireworks in full bloom (above image). Done!

Behind the curtains scene: Chris (in photographer mode) and Doug admiring the huge turnout for their concert (above image).

Green room scene : Minutes before the band hits the stage (above image).

Me as the fifth member of Hoobstank (above image). Wishful thinking. Haha.

Looking forward to your next visit, Buddies!