Health, Happy, Help, Hope

Health, Happy, Help, Hope

To me Health, Happy, Help and Hope are the Pillars for and of a Better Life.

I titled this image – “A Thousand Lights” (above image). Be a Beacon of Happy Light to others around you and to the less fortunate.


Your Body, as recommended by the Ikigai lifestyle, should be kept cleaned and well-moved. Keep moving, hang out with fun like-minded friends, eat healthy foods (preferably greens), have purposes in your Life. Your Body, according to the Good Book, is the temple of the Holy Spirit. Keep it clean (healthy food) and stress-less (stressless is impossible).

Your motivation in living a long and fruitful Life is the longer you walk the world, the more people you get to happily bless.

A healthy body is the fertile foundation to start sprouting happy thoughts, memories and inner-confidence. On the other hand, an unhealthy, sick body only allows worry, envy, unhappiness and angst to fester, which worsens the situation.


Your Heart is the depository of all your acquired happiness. And unfortunately, of your disappointments and despairs as well. Remember more the happy times and less the despair. Acquire the ancient skill of forgiveness, the sooner the better, the lighter your Heart.

Be an inspirational role model to others or be a mentor or beacon of light for your hobby or area of expertise.


When we’re Blessed, we need to distribute our Blessings to others that are less fortunate; not expecting them to repay you back.

If you don’t feel blessed, go help others till you’re blessed.

We are taught in our MBA programs or business schools to maximise our personal net worth and shareholder’s wealth. That’s it. But when you go beyond and give some of your wealth away (money, time and effort), you’ll be the beneficiary of even greater tangible and intangible wealth (money, love, reciprocal kindness and respect).

Beware of what good (or bad) your hands are crafting; after a long period of time, your Deeds might just become your Purpose.

May it have good effects on people.


Hope is akin to Belief and Faith. I had a discussion with a highly intellectual friend. He said emphatically that when we leave this earth, that’s it. End of show. I replied that any comprehension of the spiritual, the after-life, heaven, and faith (seeing the unseen) etc. does not dwell within the purview of the brain but the Heart.

The lighter and calmer your Heart is, not the tougher or heavier, the more Faith you will have.

Faith goes against the grain of intellectual logic.

Sidenote : you know those iconic Zen rockstar images I shot? Check out my Favourites photo gallery in this WebSight. They were all captured with a still and calm Heart, a keen Eye and a trusty, robust and fast Camera. I didn’t chase after those shots, they came to me because I was calm and ready. All I had to do was NOT to panic and lose any good shots.

I HOPE you’ll be HAPPY and HEALTHY and start to HELP others!

A prize for Dylan fans – a leopard-skin Pillar-box HHHHat.