Happy New Ear!

Happy New Ear!

I wish You and Your Loved Ones a Happy, Safe and Uncomplicated 2024!

As I caution my friends, speak less and Listen More Discerningly to the murmurs of the economy, financial markets, political saber rattlings; and tread accordingly.

Hint – figure out the direct and indirect effects and implications of higher interest rates on investments and doing business.

Interesting times ahead.

“Hot tips” are usually cold by the time you receive it.

There is NO Free Lunch! Beware the clever Scams. Scram!

If things are too good to be true, it probably isn’t.

Stephen Stills with his right listening ear (above image).

Keep your head down, don’t take on unnecessary new debts, pay off current debts with the money you save on not buying luxury goods.

Be kind to others – kindness will return to you many fold. Feeling bad? Go help others with worse problems than yours.

You’ll soon forgot what problems you had in the first place.

Do keep safe and lend that helping hand(s) to others less fortunate than you!

Blessings to others does not have to be monetary in nature – try Smiles, Compliments, Pats On The Backs, Hugs, and even a respectful and cheerful Nod would be welcomed.

Happy Trails!

Your Trails will always be Happy if You Are.