Glorious Smoke

Glorious Smoke

I love to shoot in Adverse Lighting! Bring It On!

The Darker and the Smokier, the Better! Cough, cough!

When I see the smoke machine being activated on stage, I say to myself, “Here comes the Calvary!

My camera flash is the least used component of my photographic arsenal.

So without further adieu, here are some highlights from my Smoke photo series. Enjoy!

Lady Gaga (above image).

St. Vincent (above image).

Yngwie Malmsteen (above image).

Zakk Wylde (above image).

Mystical Violinist During Soundcheck (above image).

Def Leppard (above image).

Brandon Boyd, Incubus (above image).

One Ok Rock (above image).

Steve Lukather, Toto (above image).

Sid Wilson, Slipknot (above image).

Jim Root, Slipknot (above image).

Keith Flint, Prodigy (above image).

Fatboy Slim (above image).

Keane (above image).

Joe Elloitt, Def Leppard (above image).

Gwen Stefani (above image).

Yngwie Malmsteen (above image).

Dean DeLeo, Stone Temple Pilots (above image).

Stevie Jackson, Belle & Sebastian (above image).

Tegan & Sara (above image).

America (above image).

Kenny G (above image).

I look forward to shooting more Adverse Lighting images.

I like to put my expensive camera to work!