Drown The Kidneys

Drown The Kidneys

This is blog about Water and how crucial it is to our Health.

I had a chat about this recently with my friend and thought I should write this well-meaning health Blog as a precautionary reminder to us all (myself included).

We’ve all read stories about a mystical tribe’s magic Juju potion that heals, in comic books and movies.

You know what’s the base ingredient of that magic potion? Water.

I keep telling my unhealthy friends, drink PLENTY of water.

Drown The Kidneys!

Me and my mentor Jim Marshall enjoying “something watery” (above image). Haha.

Most of us do not drink enough. That’s when health complications arise.

The excessive water within us will purge all impurities from your bodily.

A person dies after a few days without water, it takes 1-2 months for a person to die without food. Savour that poignant thought.

It’s no accident that planet Earth has plenty of water (70%), in the average man (60%).

Never give food to a thirsty person.

It’s no accident people tell you get lots of rest and drink lots of water whenever we are under the weather,

Allow me to offer a toast to your Good Health!

Give Pees A Chance!