This year in the Chinese calendar, starting 10 February, is the Year of the Dragon.

The Dragon year is an auspicious animal year in the Chinese horoscope. Most Chinese try to have kids during the Dragon year.

I love Dragons, in fact I see a “little dragon”Bruce Lee – every day (below image).

My “Lees” displays – two great Chinese icons close to my heart – Lee Kuan Yew (the founder of modern Singapore) framed print and Bruce Lee skate deck (above image).

These are Ang Pows or Red Packets (above image). The Chinese put money gifts in these pockets as wishes of Good Health and Prosperity.to their families, close friends, employees, business associates etc. The above are some of my favourite cool ang pows in my collection over the years – Hard Rock Cafe, Canon, Uniqlo, my alma mater St. Andrew’s School etc.

I love this latest Seiko collaboration with the estate of Bruce Lee (above image). I dig the elaborate Dragon dial and the mantra of Jeet Kune Do (Way of the Intercepting Fist) on the watch bezel which says – “Using no way as a way. Having no limitation as limitation.”

To all Chinese, and Everyone (especially my Blog Readers) around the worldBe Happy, Be Healthy, Be Water!

Take advantage of any Excuse and Opportunity to celebrate Life!