Dragon Drones

Dragon Drones

February 16, 2024 was the day I hung out with 1,500 new friends. Drones, that is.

That evening was the final display of “The Legend Of The Dragon Gate” sound and light show extravaganza at the majestic Marina Bay Sands (MBS).

They staged five displays in all – on February 10, 11, 12, 15 and 16.

The arsenal of 1,500 drones with the glorious Singapore city skyline as an awesome backdrop (above image).

Armed with my All Access event wristband (above image), I’m all set to document the show and the “making of” scenes.

Word of Thanks to Tony S for allowing me to cross the barricades and giving me carte blanche to document the spectacular light show event.

Parade masterTony S inspecting his troops (above image).

Tony S and the other masterminds of the drone show (above image). Nice weather.

Nick M and his metallic friends (above image).

Me and my 1,500 new-found little flying buddies (above image).

The splendour of Marina Bay Sands provides the majestic background to the “The Legend Of The Dragon Gate” spectacular sound and light show.

(A) Aligning the Drones for take-off – Central Business District (CBD) view (above image).

(B) Aligning the Drones for take-off – ArtScience Museum view (above image).

(A) 1,500 resting dragon drones – patiently waiting for nightfall to please the gathering crowds around the Marina Bay area (above image).

(B) 1,500 red-hot dragon dronesready to please the eagerly awaiting crowds around the Marina Bay area (above image).

Calibrating the green colours of the 1,500 Drones (above image).

Calibrating the red colours of the 1,500 Drones (above image).

Testing the elaborate colour coordination of the 1,500 Drones (above image).

The Merlion in the background (above image).

Last-minute inspection before show-time (above image).

(A) SECONDS TO SHOW TIME! (above image).


I’m shooting from The Best (Unobscured) Seat in the Marina Bay, twenty feet away from the Drones (above image).

Yes, I was accorded a comfy chair to sit on, during the entire performance! Thanks guys!

(C) WE HAVE LIFT-OFF! (above image).

(D) THE HEAVENS ARE RED-HOT! (above image).

(E) THE DRAGON! (above image).

(F) THE DRAGON AND THE GATE! (above image).


I’m in awe with the loud buzzing of the returning 1,500 drones, sounds like a large swarm of bees. The noise comes from the spinning of the 1,500 propellers, creating pressure waves that travel through the air and are perceived as sound.

(H) WE HAVE TOUCH-DOWN! (above image).

Certainly a WOW MOMENT for me!

Thanks so much, Tony S, for allowing me to witness and document such an awesome spectacular sound and light show!