Dependent Variable

Dependent Variable

This is a Blog about my eccentric linkage between Algebra and Friendship.

In Algebra (Mathematics) – Dependent Variables have values that change due to other factors (friends). Independent Variables have values that do not rely on anything (anyone) else.

A 12 year-old Me in Biology Class when I was in Primary Six (above image), . I believe the image was shot with my Dad’s camera. The photographer, in me, had already realised the importance of capturing the moment.

Note: I’m the only one not paying attention to the teacher, Mr. Yeo. But I did retyre at 44 years young. So there!

Years later, I too conducted a simple biology lesson to an audience of twomy young kids. I told them our bodies were only meant to digest two elements solids (meat, vegetables etc.) and fluids (soup, water etc.). That means smoke, vape, drugs and alcohol should be no-nos, not even in moderation. Here’s an equation for you – less of these habits, less of medical bills.

Good friendship is worth more than its weight in gold. Alas, friendship varies from the unreliable ones to the dependable ones with sense of urgencies.

Friends have asked me if I ever get let down by friends. No, because from the get-go, I already have a sense of who they are. It takes two to clap.

Being a Dependent Variable helps simplify things – my level of friendship/kindness to friends depends on their level of friendship/kindness to me. Less with less. More with more. Life is Fair. Keep Things Simple.

Simply put – Kindness begets Kindness.

I totally avoid the unreliable ones. There are those who repeatedly says they want to have meals with me, but never follow-up. I know who they are. And then, there are those long-time reliable friends that I have meals with, every other week/month. Time is precious.

As for myself, I am an Independent Variable who do not rely on anything (anyone) else. If you need to something important to be done, best to do it yourself, yes? Having said that, I am lucky and proud to count on my wife and kids as my pillars of reliability. There is peace in the kingdom!

To those who are getting acquainted with Algebra in school, be aware that some concepts can be applied to Life and friendship.

Case in point – in Mathematics (Life), an Equation is a situation in which two or more parts have to be considered together so that the whole situation can be understood or explained.

Friendship is like Blood – value it and keep it fresh all the time!

You put in what you take out and never let it become stale.

My Mother once told me – if you are able to count your good reliable friends on one hand, you are, indeed, one of the lucky ones.