Clean Circuits

Clean Circuits

This Blog addresses Clean Circuits as a result of Clean Living.

I had the idea to write about Clean Circuits when I saw this escalator belt about to be installed, a sign of routine and stringent maintenance protocols (above image).

Health is the Ultimate Wealth.

By Health, I include, physical, emotional, spiritual and mental.

The outside whirl is already so complicated, why complicate it further inside?

You may be old, but as long your circuits are clean uncontaminated, unclogged you’re rock steady (music pun -meaning not unsteady – vertigo).

This takes a life-long hobby. Better start now, folks.

I told my kids, at class reunions, nobody bothers how much money or material possessions you have ama$$ed in your Life,

At your class reunion, be assured your classmates would be envious if you re in tip-top Health. No knee operation, no triple by-pass, two intact kidneys, 32″ waist (yes, a tough one), no stents, no face lift, no titanium alloy hips, … and same wife (ie. no alimony payments).

The healthy, young-at-heart, youthful looking classmate wins the reunion’s top prizeClassmates’ Envy. Your classmates can tell that the person have led a good, happy, healthy Life.

In your last moments on this earth, you won’t regret another hour at the office or tending to clients’ needs. When you realise the likely people (ie. family members) ‘you would like to surround your bedside in your last moments, isn’t it wise to be nicer to them NOW?

Plus it’s always great to be nice anyway. Because it’s the Giver that benefits more than the Receiver, yes? This ensures good mental, emotional health.

Years ago, I told my kids, that our stomachs were only made for two things –solids and fluids. It’s not made to digest smoke/vape, alcohols and drugs. No smoke or drugs for me. Also no turtle soup, monkey brains, puffer fish, dog meat or balut eggs for me. Okay, in a month maybe 1-2 cans of beer / 1-2 glasses of red wine?

A Smile is an instant holiday! Always look at the Bright, Sunny Side Up (above image).

Be a Warrior, not a worrier.

Laughter does not cause Cancer. Laugh more, whether you mean it or not.

Hug someone you love! You probably need it more than them.

Be With Nature!

Eat Your Greens. The weirder colour (purple, anyone?) the plant, the better for your system.

Drink plain water a-plenty. I always say “Drown your kidneys” and pee out your impurities.

You can either Laugh or Cry all the way to your Finishing Line. Do choose the happier option.

My friends know my favourite exhortation – “Happy Happy!”

Good Health (Clean Circuits) to You and your Beloved!