Chris Stein Memoir

Chris Stein Memoir

My copy of Blondie Chris Stein’s long-awaited Memoir “Under A Rock” arrived at my home this morning.

So honoured for my image of Chris Stein at CBGB, as an A-List Photographer with a camera instead of his usual guitar, to be featured in his memoir (above image).

There’s nothing like stepping into the hallowed grounds of CBGB with a Blondie. Akin to stepping into the Cavern Club with a Beatle.

Thanks, Chris, for placing my image as the first of the photograph collection in your memoir.

And also thanks for the BIG photo credit. Only a fellow camera comrade will do that.

The image was shot during the final week before CBGB closed its doors for good.

Also awesome to see my name on Debbie’s jacket on the memoir cover (above image).

Speaking of jackets, here’s Debbie Harry demonstrating how to properly wear my gallery jacket (above image).

The other autobiography where my image was featured, was in Dame Olivia Newton-John’s best-selling autobiography “Don’t Stop Believin'”. Thanks, Olivia!

Now if you will excuse me, I’m going to sit down on my well-worn sofa to read “Under A Rock” with Blondie songs blasting in the background!

Congratulations, Chris!

Thanks again for taking me along on your magic swirling (book) trip!