In this Blog, allow me to tip my hat to … CAPS!

I have countless Caps and Hats. The above image displays some of my favourites.

Caps and Hats are one of the cheapest forms of Artwork, plus they’re wearable and shields you from the harsh elements of climate these daze.

I didn’t count but I believe I have at least 50 caps and hats in my collection.

(One day I will write a Blog about my Chunky Rings, I’ve got at least 200 of them. But who’s counting.)

Cool Caps will put you immediately in a good “head space”. They’ll also reveal to your friends what kind of mood you are in.

I believe that’s the first thing people notice about you. The second is your Watch. But that’s another Blog for another “time”.

A dear creative friend gave me yesterday (23 August 2023) the exclusive Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny cap given to the Industrial Light and Magic team who worked on the Visual Effects in the movie. Thanks, Jeff!

One of my favourite high fashion meets street cred is the Karl Lagerfeld-Vans collab cap!

When I’m in a Clockwork Orange/John Bonham mood, I’ll adorn the Bowler Hat.

When I wear my Rock N’ Rock cap, I see passers-by do double takes.

Tie-dye Bucket Hats bring out the Capitalist Hippie in me.

Yeah, so that’s my light and breezy Blog to my Caps. Hope you’ll dig out your Old Faithful and take it out in your youthful escapade soon!