Baron Wolman

Baron Wolman

I wish to tip my hat to Baron Wolman. As a young lad, I read Rolling Stones ardently. To me, the images on the printed pages were more amazing than the written words in each article. Below are the two quintessential Baron Wolman images which had indelible inspirational effects on my photographic eye when I started spending privilege time in front of the stage. Later, as my photographic style developed and I became luckier, I started gaining access to both backstage and on the stage.

As a record-buying teenager, I bought a vinyl single Have You Ever Seen The Rain by Creedence Clearwater Revival. On the cover, was the above image showing John Fogerty, the lead singer “healing” the crowd. I thought to myself how awesome it would be to take pictures right from the stage itself. Years later, the name Baron Wolman started appearing in my consciousness and as luck would have it, we were to become admiring friends and mutual fans.

When I shot this on-stage shot of Slipknot, I thought back fondly of the John Fogerty Healing The Crowd image by my guru, Baron.

This above pix of Frank Zappa on a tractor (!) lit up a light bulb in my head, that there could be the possibility of hanging out with rock gods, even at their homes.

Decades later, when I took this portrait of Rob Zombie at a cemetary, I thought back to Baron’s Frank Zappa on Tractor inspiration. Thanks, maestro Baron!

Despite being a photography legend and giant, Baron remained a humble, fun, young-at-heart and respecting man. He was Rolling Stone’s first official photographer as well as the official Woodstock photographer. The ultimate rock photographer’s resume!

We exchanged countless, fun correspondences. I asked him about Woodstock, what cameras and films he used, how many rolls he used, where he stayed etc. The usual things a fanboy would ask of his guru. We shared about the business of rock photography, always dispensing wise counsel to me.

He’s always been supportive and respective of what I do – of my Sonic Solitude book and previous Website. That meant a lot to me.

I share the above correspondences as I want Baron’s warmth, wisdom and legacy to live on in the internet.

Sadly, Baron passed suddenly on November 2020. He was featured in the Thank You section of my upcoming ACCESS book. Unfortunately he passed on just weeks before my book was printed.

Baron kindly signed and sent his two magnum opus books to me. Whilst his books occupy special places of honour in my shelf of inspiration, Baron himself occupies a very special place in my heART!

Mr. Baron Wolman lived a full and fun Life!

Rest Easy, Guru!