Always Return Favours

Always Return Favours

Always Return Favours! ARF!

Once I told my son, who used to play tennis for his school, in tennis-speak, Always Return the Serve.

It’s a good practise to always leave the ball on the other side. A winning move in tennis.

Never keep the ball (favour), return it. Be light and unburdened.

In school, as students, we played a fun game called “hantam bola” during recess time. Almost 50 years later, I got my amused ex-school/classmates, during a School Cohort Reunion, to sign on a similar tennis ball that we would have played with. This belongs in a museum, Indy!

When someone gives or does something nice for you or your family, Always Return The Favour. If possible – Almost Immediately.

Remember, the Giver benefits more from the kind act of Giving than the Receiver.

When another person doesn’t reciprocate, unless I’m aware that the person is unable to reciprocate, it’s totally alright. But if he/she is able to but doesn’t, it reveals to me the person’s condition of the heart and mind, not so their wallet.

When I give something to a friend, and I get something in return, it’s a Bonus. Keep that reciprocal friend, he/she knows what Life is about. I like friends that go with the flow. Flow rhymes with Grow.

I’m extremely fortunate to count some Rock and Roll Legends as kind friends.

When I think of kindness, I think of the legendary rock photographer Jim Marshall. I had a mutual friend pass him my Sonic Solitude rock photography book, and he subsequently reached out to me. A few weeks later, a signed print of Jim’s iconic Jimi Hendrix arrived at my home (above image). Go with the flow!

With my kind mentor Jim Marshall (above image).

From time to time, I would have Dame Olivia Newton-John’s signed books, CDs and concert passes arrive at my home (above image). I will always reciprocate with my surprise parcels of amusing goodies. What goes around, comes around.

Chris Stein (Blondie) and I always exchange his books for mine. Once I was hanging out at his home, he gave me this beautiful Shepard Fairey (Obey) Artist Proof print of Joan Jett, drawn from an original photograph shot by Chris Stein. The print had all three legends’ signatures. Signed to me! (above image) How cool is that?

I want to mention another cool rock and roll reciprocal kindness – Roger McGuinn (leader of the legendary Byrds folk-rock band) told me I’m in his daily prayers and he knows he and his wife Camilla is in mine (above image). Till this day!

Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak once told me – “Friends do things for Friends.”

He kindly signed on the back of my Apple desktop when he visited my creative inner sanctum (studio/gallery) (above image).

Well-wishes from Woz and me – “ARF!”