This Blog is about the Precious 24 Hours in a Day and is written for those who complain about NOT having enough Time in their Day to do Stuff.

I remind myself that – Those Always Too Busy To Do Anything, End Up Doing Nothing.

In the 1990’s as a Head Honcho I came across the concept of 8:8:8. Coincidentally I came across it again, just last week in Melbourne (13 August 2023). It was like seeing an old wise friend again after all these decades.

The simple but brilliant productive time concept fared me very well in my later years and I hope it will for you too.

I first learnt about the 8:8:8 Hour concept from Napoleon Hill’s 1937 book “Think and Grow Rich”.

Napoleon Hill is the Godfather of Business Gurus. Way before Tony Robbins, Tom Peters, Alan Waterman, Robert Kiyosaki, Malcolm Gladwell, Peter Drucker etc etc , there was Napoleon Hill. What A Cool Name! Please Google this Visionary for his awesome accomplishments and the brilliant books that he wrote.

Napoleon Hill subdivided a 24 hour day into three 8 hour slots of significance. Akin to breaking down a big problem into little parts. Brilliant!

  1. 8 Hours a Day – for Sleep and Rest
  2. 8 Hours a Day – for Work (if you’re a career person) or Study (if you’re a student)
  3. 8 Hours a Day – where “Your One Thing” (Legacy) and your “One More Thing” is determined

Your “One Thing” is your personal unique gift which no one has. Elton John has his gift of music, Roger Federer (tennis), Andy Warhol (pop art), Mark Phelps (swimming), Lionel Messi (football) etc etc.

“One More Thing” is Steve Jobs finest moments in Apple Macworld conventions where he saves the latest cool new innovation(s) till the last moments of his presentations.

When I first learnt of this time division, it all made sense. The third 8-hour slot, after the generous 8 hour sleep and the 8 hours in school or at the office, we still have 8 hours to do our shit. Of course, some of it would be used up by homework, overtime, flying time for business meetings etc. I get it! But not ALL the time, right? There’ll be some Me-Time left lying around, on certain days.

This third and final 8-Hour slot (+/-) is was where we can focus on our “One Thing”. or in Steve Jobs-speak our “One More Thing” moment ie. our brilliant contribution(s) to the world, making it a better place.

It helped me realise early on that my 24 hours was, indeed, manageable and, more importantly, enough.

To say there was not enough time in a day was now an excuse. Okay, I slept 7 hours, Okay, I worked 10 hours . Now What?

I hope realising this simple 8:8:8 Time Concept will help you too.

Last week, I was walking and enjoying the nice cold winter air when, from afar, I caught sight of this string of familiar numbers on top of a stone monument (above image). I thought to myself, “It can’t be”.

As I walked right up to the monument’s base, I read, with interest, the inscriptions (above image). So there is a Movement to this time concept. Wow! I urge you to Google this 8-Hours Movement, established in Victoria, Australia since 1856!

The 8:8:8 Monument was a pleasant and timely reminder to pay my tribute to Mr. Napoleon Hill and his 8:8:8 Time Machine.

Napoleon Hill was the OG Rock Star of Business Gurus.