111th Blog – 1st Anniversary

111th Blog – 1st Anniversary

Today is my WebSight’s first year’s Anniversary.

This is my 111th Blog (nice auspicious, totally coincidental, number).

Hmm, a thought-provoking Blog every 3.3 Days.

As mentioned in my WebSight’s Welcome segment, my WebSight is meant to be an uplifting Depository of Positivity, on my Mumblings (my thoughts on Photography, Music, Finance, Investments and Life), my Hang-Outs (with my fun, talented Buddies), and Blessings (my Thank-filled Thoughts on Life’s Little Lessons).

My WebSight is also my humble opportunity to tip my hat to my talented Hero Buddies as my gratitude to them for allowing me to hang out with them, And to throw light on some who’s not globally renowned, but who have earned my admiration.

In the end, my Websight’s a fun place to share what I’ve captured with my trusty Camera over the decades, in rooms not usually accessed by the public. I’m super-grateful for the Access accorded to me over the years into the inner sanctums of rock and roll.

I’ve always restrained myself from shooting or showing any images that compromise my subjects’ privacy or show them in bad light.

My awesome “Office”(above image). To my left is Tommy Kessler, guitarist for Blondie. I’ve never showed up late for “Work”.

Let me rephrase that – I’ve never showed up late for my “Hobby”.

I’m always game to photograph mesmerising scenes in front of me and my camera, regardless of Fame.

As the images below illustrate, I love to hang out, where I’m welcomed, with talented fun artistes, and take a few quick strategic shots.

Me photographing Carlos Santana in the Green Room (above image).

Me photographing six local Elvises in the Green Room (above image).

I’m a lazy (although I would prefer the description – “selective”) photographer, I mostly shoot from within my shores ie. Singapore (above image).

I make exceptions for “close overseas friends”.

Yes, I shoot best in dark and shadowy environmentsbackstage, back of stage, soundchecks, green rooms etc.

I prefer to remain invisible wherever I explore but every now and again, you may see my Shadow (above image).

As this is my 111th Blog over the first year, you’ll realise that I’m a prolific Thinker and Writeraveraging a Blog every 3.3 days or two Blogs a week.

Muchos Mahalos for dropping by to read my fun and, hopefully, helpful Mumblings!

Good Health to You and Stay Happy!